Bounce Rates and How to Fix Them

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So, what exactly is a bounce rate and why does it scare social media services? A bounce rate is actually just the percentage of people that land on your page and then immediately leave, hence the bounce. You might be confused with exit rates, which just mean people left from a certain page of your website. They could have explored other pages, but you just know their last known visit. When it comes to social media services, you don’t want a high bounce rate. You want people to be visiting your website so that they can eventually become customers. Therefore, by first understanding the difference between bounce rates and exit rates, you can then begin to fix bounce rate issues. Take a look at three methods in dealing with bounce rates that you can take in order to improve your social media services.

  1. Website Mobile Optimization
    Many people are surfing the web through their smartphone, which means your website better be optimized for it! If users visit your website and have to zoom in and out to read your content, then chances are they are going to bounce out, no pun intended. Nobody wants to be on their phone doing that. Today, it’s almost a standard that your website is mobile optimized, so make your website reflect that. Also, pay particularly close attention to videos you have on your website. They are great at getting info out to users, but if they are too long then that means more data and a slower experience for the user.
  2. User Experience
    If you visited a website and were attacked by pop-ups and annoying disruptions, you would leave too. Don’t let your website be like that. Use pop-ups in a beneficial way that actually doesn’t cause your users to be distracted by their experience. Instead it should be adding to it! Remember, the key is to have visitors flock to your website and stay so that they can become customers.
  3. Keyword Ranking
    You don’t want to mislead your visitors. Click bait headlines is a sure way to get people to hate your website. Therefore, have your keywords actually reflect the content that is on your website. It can help direct people to find what they are looking for and can lead to them becoming potential customers.

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