Business Blunders To Avoid When Promoting On Facebook

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Sometimes, knowing what not to do can provide the most assistance. For just this situation, we’ve compiled a list of critical blunders we still see businesses making every day. Promoting on Facebook or creating groups is a great idea to get audiences. When using social media to promote your Tampa business, avoid the following four mistakes…

#1: Tweeting via Facebook

We understand why you link your tweets on Twitter to Facebook… it’s all for the sake of efficiency. However, it’s not a good idea, mainly because tweets don’t translate to Facebook. Tweets on Facebook look quite awkward and unappealing, especially when they include a bunch of @ symbols.

What’s more, it’s obvious to everyone on social media that you’ve synced the two accounts. This can create an undesirable image of your brand. Spend a bit of extra time tweaking the wording from your tweets so they fit the format of Facebook.

#2: Not prioritizing personality

If you post or share the exact same articles and photos as your competitors in just the same way, how are you offering anything of value? Remember, you’re not the only business using social media services. People use platforms like Facebook to connect with other people. To do so, you must figure out how to amplify any personal traits you possess that can be applied to your business. Promoting on Facebook using the latest trend to capture the attention of the people.

These two essential elements of a superb social media brand will be of great help once you’ve established which personality traits to focus on.

#3: Posting Irrelevant Content

We often see businesses struggle with this particular blunder. It typically comes from a lack of content strategy, a step too many businesses skip when first starting out.

Sharing about a trending topic only works if you can somehow relate it back to your brand. The same goes for special days of the year, such as Peanut Butter Cookie Day, celebrated on June 12th. Before posting any (more) content, read “Six Fundamentals Every Content Marketing Plan Should Include.”

#4: Ignoring your Facebook fans

Whether it’s a comment, message or a review, one of your Facebook fans took the time to write it, and that alone deems it worthy of a response. Take a moment of your time to read and provide an appropriate reply. Even to the negative comments. When handled correctly, angry or frustrated customers present an incredible opportunity to show the high level of service customers can expect from your brand!

We’ve spent years harnessing our social media skills for the benefit of your Tampa business. Let us use our skills to better connect your brand to your customers. Call (888) 486-4130 to speak with a member of the Venerate Media Group team!