Why Your Business Can’t Be Found Without Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is one of the most valuable social media services you can add to your overall digital marketing strategy.

One of the main goals of SEO (search engine optimization) is to make your website easier for search engines (Google, Bing) to understand. The search engines may be advanced, but they’re still limited by one distinct fact – they can’t understand a web page in quite the same way a human can.

While this article won’t make you an expert on SEO, it will help you understand the reasons why your business isn’t showing up on google. It will also provide solutions to get your search engine optimization rolling!

Read on to learn a few of the reasons why your business isn’t showing up in a google search.

  • The search engines haven’t indexed your website.Search Engine

Google & Bing learns about your website by crawling it and justifies the content based on inbound links, both internal and external. When your site is brand new or a new page is added, it won’t have any links. Thus, it can take the search engines time to learn of your existence. You can aid both Google and Bing by connecting free tools to both. They’re list here:

  • The market for your keyword is incredibly competitive.

Centering the premise of a website or more specifically a web page around long-tail keyword phrases or a single keyword is paramount to showing up in the search results. But be careful and manage your expectations! When you choose a highly sought after keyword phrases, it’s much harder to move up in the search engines results.

  • There is no relevant content on your website.

Creating a website is step one. Creating content for your website is steps two – infinity. In other words, you must consistently publish new content to generate interest within the search engines. A business blog is a great way to achieve this goal.

  • Google has removed your website from the search results.

If Google decides to remove your website, they’ll do it in one of three ways: de-index, penalize or sandbox. This may be a permanent decision or a temporary one. The lesson? Pay attention to Google’s rules and code of conduct, it’s found in the Google Guidelines.

  • There is no written content on your home page.

No matter how sophisticated our search engines may be, they are still limited. Google cannot completely understand a visual image, unless it’s accompanied by descriptive words within the code of the page via alt or title attributes.

  • Your website contains no title or header tags.

For those who are SEO savvy, adding title tags (also known as meta-tags) is one simple way to build extra keywords into your website. Meta-tags are invisible to all website visitors, yet extremely visible to every search engine. Header tags (which appear within the text of your webpage) are also vital to your website, however, search engines give more weight to meta-tags.

  • Your website has not been optimized.

Website optimization is a long-term strategy which focuses on better communication with the search engines. It requires on-going research and continuous updates. Your best bet is to hire an expert who understands the technical, ever-changing nature of SEO.

As you can see, without search engine optimization, your website can easily be overlooked and under valued by the search engines. Utilizing these tips will help your business show up in a google search:

  1. Do an SEO audit.
  2. Add keywords to each piece of content on your website.
  3. Choose less competitive keywords (but still relevant to your website).
  4. Add valuable backlinks whenever it makes sense.
  5. Use content that is appropriate for your business.
  6. Frequently review your SEO results.

A good SEO strategy is one that focuses on continually communicating better with every search engine.There is no end to this process. Not even when you reach the first page of Google’s search results! Smart business owners understand that SEO is a lengthy process; one that requires constant monitoring and fine-tuning!

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