Why Your Business Must Get Better At Email Marketing

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Did you know that 122 billion emails are sent every hour? The effectiveness of email marketing is second only to search marketing when comparing strategies in the digital world. It’s affordable, easy to execute and completely measurable. Most importantly, email marketing delivers real results.

But just because something is easy to do, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do well! This truth applies to email marketing. In order to be successful, there are a few challenges you must overcome.

Your first hurdle is simply getting someone to subscribe. Whether you’re giving away a freebie, or simply providing updates – it’s important to be clear about what someone is signing up for. What do they get in exchange for giving you their personal email address? Will this be a one-time communication? If not, how often will you be sending emails? People like knowing what to expect!

Once someone has signed up, it’s a good idea to send a welcome email with a little information about you and your business. It’s true that spam filters can sometimes be a roadblock to your email marketing efforts. Get around this obstacle by including instructions in your first few emails for how to add you to their address book. There are also many tips out there for how to write a headline that doesn’t look like spam. For example, words like “buy” or “avoid” are known to trigger spam filters.

From there, it’s all a matter of finding the right mix of helpful versus promotional content. A good rule of thumb is 70% value and 30% sales. Pay attention to what’s working and keep testing. If you’re able to make your promotional emails supremely valuable, you may be able to get away with pitching your product or service more often!

Consider creating an eNewsletter. This is a specific type of content that works best when used to strengthen your customer relationship rather than trying to sell anything. Experiment with a mix of personal messages, company updates and valuable information.

Consistency is where most companies mess up when attempting email marketing. Avoid this by deciding how often you will contact your customer, setting the expectations clearly in your first email, and then sticking with them! If you say you will provide daily updates, then do it! Creating an auto responder series is also extremely helpful for keeping a consistent email schedule.

An effective email marketing campaign addresses who your target customer is as well as his or her needs. Your buyer persona will greatly assist with this task as will the advice you’ve just read. When used right, email marketing has much to offer your business and your customer. Listen to your audience, watch their actions, and always be ready to adapt!

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