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The Company: Carrera is an international toy manufacturer and distributor under the larger Stadlbauer family. Based in Austria, they produce several product lines for all age groups, from toddlers to adults, and have several cross-audience slot car and remote control licenses (Nintendo, Ferrari, Disney, Marvel’s Spiderman, Redbull, TMNT). They are already an industry leader in Europe. It’s our job to make them an industry leader in the States.

The Challenge: Venerate Media Group’s primary challenge was expanding the Carrera audience and consumer base to younger generations. The primary demographic for slot cars are male baby boomers. VMG’s biggest goal was to pull people into a hobby they otherwise wouldn’t know about it i.e. millennial families. In addition, VMG needed to express to national retailers that their social media efforts had fostered excitement and demand for Carrera products.

The Solution: In order to reach millennial families, VMG had to create Twitter and Instagram accounts for the Carrera of America brand. VMG did this by creating ‘hype’ around new products by showcasing them in a unique light that appealed to both classic enthusiasts and new, more casual hobbyists. VMG increased consumer trust and credibility by generating reviews and engaging with comments/reviews. Essentially, VMG had to open up a very niche market to the masses in order to drive up sales and brand awareness.

The Results: Due to Venerate Media Group’s efforts on all relevant social media channels, they were able to expand Carrera’s audience, drive product excitement and foster a healthy relationship with their consumers. Carrera now has a successful Instagram account with 5,000 followers–more than twice the audience of Carrera Global’s audience.

VMG’s published videos generate on average 1.5k views and thereby increase Carrera’s exposure to potential new consumers. Carrera’s following on Facebook has steadily increased. As many as 4-10 thousand unique individuals on average view Carrera’s Facebook posts. Carrera’s audience engagement rate has increased with as many as 25% of the audience reacting, commenting or sharing a post.