5 Metrics to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

The advancement of technology in today’s world has helped marketing teams to be better. Every marketing strategy and decision should be smart and based on insights, data, and metrics that are available to us. Having access to so much data should be of use for the future improvement. However, when we have so much [...]

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5 Tips for Improving Your Social Media ROI

You know that social media is an essential part of your client’s marketing strategy. When you’ve created and implemented the social media marketing strategy for your client, you’ve most likely wondered how to measure social media ROI. Social media ROI definition is the sum of the social efforts that create value. Social media is [...]

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Top 5 Tips for Implementing ‘Conversational Marketing’

How to drive customer loyalty is a leading question amongst all questions. The answer is simple: reduce customer efforts. Although it sounds easier said than done, there might be a winning formula for this. It’s called ‘conversational marketing’, a relatively new term in the digital marketing industry. By providing customers with a two-way conversation [...]

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5 Instagram Trends Changing the Industry in 2019

It sometimes feels impossible to keep track of all the changes happening in the digital world. Social media is constantly evolving and algorithm changes or new trends shape the way we interact with others online. Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform and it changes regularly. Our question: how can we be sure we’re [...]

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5 Tips For Google AdWords Success

Google AdWords is one of the most beneficial and publically available marketing tools for companies small and large. Individuals may be finding themselves asking: what is Google AdWords? It is a powerful marketing tool that displays ads to promote your products or business online to millions of internet users. Placing effective ads in front [...]

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7 Important Questions to Ask When Analyzing SEO And SMM Strategies

By now, you’ve most likely come to realize that virtually every question you have can be answered by a beloved search engine - and when you’re a marketer, every answer you can provide to the internet is one someone else can provide, too. This rising competition is making it exceedingly difficult to stand out on [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Paid Search Campaign

The Internet has become an invaluable part of our everyday lives. Many consumers perform Google searches every day; more than 3 to 5 billion searches to be exact. The high number of search results are leaving businesses to fight for their spot to be seen on the ever so coveted first page of Google [...]

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Venerate Media Group Ranked a Top Agency by!

  The marketing world is dynamic, and it can be challenging to keep on top of all of the latest trends. Social media, in particular, is rapidly evolving, with new technologies such as chat bots and customized AI resources being the norm. Influencers are also growing in importance. How can small, industry-focused companies keep [...]

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How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business

If you’re ready to start a business or are a small business owner, you’ll need a way to promote your brand across a variety of digital platforms. Since every type of business needs a way to acquire customers, believe us when we say social media marketing for a small business is essential. Social media [...]

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Three Simple Steps to Defining Your Target Audience

When marketing your products or services, the greatest error you can make it to appeal to everyone all at once. Without defining your target audience, your campaigns turn out meaningless and will unfortunately appeal to no one in particular, equating to time and money lost. To reach more qualified customers, your marketing campaigns must [...]

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