Communicating Coronavirus Messages

We are living in extraordinary times…

We are receiving a growing number of inquiries from clients about how they can most effectively communicate with their employees, the public and the media if they suddenly must address the COVID-19 virus outbreak. They are eager to be prepared, fueled by the fact that they may be quickly impacted, or, hopefully, not.

In times of a crisis, Venerate Media Group always urges our clients to be forthcoming, proactive and transparent, especially when dealing with emergencies that can affect public health.

To that end, it is important that vulnerable organizations, businesses and agencies develop a Crisis Communication Plan immediately. It is a step-by-step guide that is individually crafted, directing organizations through an initial announcement, controlling the message through each step and ensuring all constituents – internal and external – are properly and orderly informed.

Such a plan stipulates how to interact with employees, public officials, the media, customers and other constituents in a professional, compassionate way.

We are already seeing how this crisis moves quickly. Our first Crisis Communication Plan for COVID-19 was enacted less than 24 hours after it was adopted, sadly. Communicating coronavirus messages will be answered as soon as possible.

We remain safely at your service during this difficult time. Please contact us at 888-486-4130 or contact[at]veneratedigital[dot]com if you would like more information about how you can be best prepared.

Thank you. Be well.

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