7 Ways to Craft a Great Holiday Social Media Campaign

Connecting the community, as influencers.

The holiday sales season provides a lot of opportunity for your business and using great holiday social media campaign is one way to attract more customers of your business. However, everyone else has the same opportunity. Therefore, it’s important to really utilize social media services in order to stay ahead of the game. You can do this without breaking your piggy bank or going crazy to make an impact. The great equalizer is social media and the successful use of social media services to seize the opportunity given. Through social media, you can generate buzz and address your audience on sales, deals, and new events that should be on their radar.

Here are some ways to craft a great holiday social media campaign ideas to make sure you get the full use out of social media services to promote your brand during the holiday season.

Make sure to use the best platforms for messaging

Sometimes it’s good to be choosy about which platforms to use to craft a great holiday social media campaign for your products or services. Being active on a few core social media platforms is preferable than being on many and not being consistent or up to date. It is important to make sure you are consistent in your posts and that your content is up to par. These platforms should also reflect where the bulk of your audience is most likely to be.

Social media promos

A great way to add more followers is to promote holiday special offers that can only be redeemed by social media followers. Having people follow your business for 10% off can be a great incentive for people to follow your brand. People are also more likely to share these deals and thus increase your number of followers. Social media based promos are a great asset for your business in increasing brand exposure and building your audience.

Free shipping

Let’s face it, everyone loves free shipping! But, your business still has to turn a profit. During the holidays, provide free shipping on popular items that won’t hurt your profit margins. This is a great way to push customers towards buying a product that they otherwise would have hesitated buying because of shipping costs. Also, it would be to your advantage since the holiday season typically sees a huge boom in online shopping. Make sure your social media promos mention this or that only followers receive the code.

Expand your number of followers through giveaways

The holiday season is prime time for sales and profit. People are also in the mood to save money during this time of gift giving. Create a giveaway by having followers share a specific promo with friends and family. Have them follow and sign up by email so that you can increase the size of your email list. Just make sure everything is within the law of course.


Some of the most popular social media platforms revolve around pictures and videos. Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are great examples of platforms that utilize the power of visuals. They engage your followers and have a likelihood of being shared. Make sure to take full advantage of posting videos and pictures; whether it’s behind the scenes opportunities, holiday greetings, or funny and clever marketing ideas, make sure to post.

The customer experience

Personalized customer experience can help people find what they are looking for, or what they might not even know they wanted. Using data from social media, such as location, age, and interest, you can customize your customers’ experiences. You can also use Facebook ads to target a specific demographic that you want to reach. This is also the time to show your customers that you go above and beyond for them. By making the holiday shopping season as easy for them, you can gain yourself repeated business just with a little extra effort.

Customer service

Social media has changed the game on customer service. Amazing customer service is almost a requirement for doing repeat business. Using social media to interact with customers is an important edge to have over your competition. Responding quickly to questions and complaints demonstrates an active social media account as well as a sense of caring.

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