How To Create A Social Media Promotion Strategy

Connecting the community, as influencers.

When using social media and its services as a promotion strategy, it can be tempting to just jump in. Please don’t. Without a detailed strategy, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Have an experienced social media service team help you find the best one among different social media promotion strategies. Additionally, try these five steps to create your social media service promotion strategy.

Step 1: Choose goals that best fit your company.

When establishing your social media goals, make sure they’re supported by the values of your brand. This cohesiveness ensures everyone on your team is working together toward the same shared objective. If your company-specific goals are lacking, relate your social media goals to a marketing objective instead.

This step is essential to helping company founders, executives and board members understand how social media can help them to achieve their business goals.

Step 2: Turn goals into actions.

Specific actions are required to reach every goal. This step of creating your social media promotion strategy involves identifying each and every action needed for the goals you’ve just listed. Don’t worry about editing these actions – we’ll take care of that in the next step. Just focus on writing down any and all duties required for each of the goals you’ve selected.

Step 3: Rank your duties.

While there’s seemingly no end to the number of marketing strategies one can employ, most business can’t do them all without going bankrupt. To avoid this scenario, you must narrow down your options by ranking the duties of each goal. Try this two-step approach based on the knowledge you have at hand:

  1. Determine how much value each strategy can produce for your company.
  2. Judge how much work each strategy demands, both to initiate and maintain.

Choose the strategies offering the highest value for the least amount of work.

Step 4: Designate responsibilities.

Take your chosen strategies and designate which member of your team is responsible for completing each one. Make sure to establish a due date for each strategy as well.

Step 5: Review and revise.

Think of your social media marketing promotional strategy as a living, breathing guideline. As you put each strategy into action, you’re bound to gain insightful information. Sometimes you learn that you’re on the right track, and should continue doing what you’re doing. Other times, you find out there’s a need to change your goals and strategies.

Now, it’s time for you to create your own social media promotion strategy! For additional questions, or to learn more about our social media services and social media marketing strategy, please call (888) 486-4130.