How to Develop Your Brand Voice

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Without a brand voice, the digital marketing efforts of your Tampa Company will lack harmony and one should develop a brand voice. And as your business grows, this inconsistency will only become more apparent. The best solution is to address this issue now!

If you’re still not convinced, take 3 minutes to read “Why create a brand voice for your business”. Once you’re done, come back here and follow these three steps that will help you develop your brand voice and making a consistent brand voice.

#1: Review your content

While developing a brand voice, it’s important to review your content. Gather together your social media content, blog posts, eNewsletters, ebooks and any other digital marketing you’ve created for your Tampa brand. Your objective is to narrow down your content until you’re only left with the pieces that truly represent who you are as a brand.

Start off by imagining yourself as a potential customer as you turn a critical eye towards your existing content. For each piece of content, ask yourself whether it could have been written by your competition. In the end, you’ll be left with two piles – discard (non-brand voice content) and keep (brand voice content). Within the keep pile, group together similar content. Look for content that feels like it was written by the same voice. Or you can also collect the content of the same type such as infographics, trivia, and quotes.

#2: Describe your voice

Scrutinize your best content to find the common themes woven through each piece. Consider your brand as a person to identify personality traits you might describe to another individual. This is a prime opportunity to analyze the personalities of your competitors as well. What makes you different?

Once you’ve chosen three general personality traits, define each one further. To achieve this, contemplate how each trait might appear when communicating with your audience. Think about what challenges they face as well as their dreams. Consider the specific words they might use. Then, organize all of this information into a chart being sure to include a description of each characteristic. It’s also helpful to incorporate a few do’s and don’ts for each personality.

#3: Revisit and revise

Your brand will undoubtedly change over time. As it continues to evolve, make sure to take your brand voice along for the ride. Decide how often you will revisit your brand voice and stick to that schedule! Use this time to discuss which personality qualities have been a good fit as well as those that may need to be adjusted or replaced. One approach is to see which content has been performing best and identifying the key attributes it contains.

The ultimate goal of your brand voice is to be recognized by your content alone. This is not an easy objective, but it is achievable with the three steps listed above. Good luck and happy writing!

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