Digital Marketing with Different Generations

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Social media services aren’t a one size fits all type of thing. We know that because not all consumers want the same thing. That can be clearly seen with the different social media services available. For example, what millennials used to want and buy has been slowly changing. That is because they are aging and shifting towards buying different things. But, they still carry their preference for social media services. Meaning, they still want video, social media, and mobile content to be their sources of info and marketing. So, the question must be raised about how your brand is planning for this. Check out our guide on digital marketing with different generations below to help you:

Mobile Marketing

There is an increase in people using their mobile devices for surfing the web. But, is this due to everyone going on their phones or a certain age group? Well, usage is pretty close across the board, but the vast majority of mobile users are millennial – meaning young people between the ages of 22 and 37. Consumers are on their phones constantly, which means that they are always in front of a screen that can potentially sell them a product or service.


How do consumers access their content? Most consumers use Google and social media to find out about current events. This is even more so with younger people because that is how they receive their content. In this digital age, knowledge is easily accessible via the internet. Older demographics tend to use newsletters and different forms of notifications to access their daily content.

Format Consumption

Millennials prefer to consume their content through video and social media. Older generations prefer emails, news articles, and more traditional styles. This leads to the big debate over the status of emails. Are they a dying thing or are they still valuable. Should brands still be sending out emails or should they shift to what millennials want, which is more videos.

The shifts in digital marketing are due to aging millennial demographic. As they continue to age, we will see trends shift towards their content consumption preferences. But, then again this pertains to every emerging generation. Digital marketers are just going to have to continue to adjust to different patterns and trends according to digital marketing with different generations.

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