Do It For The Vine

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Social Media is an ever changing beast that cannot be stopped. Just when you think you are up-to-date on all the trends, kicking it with the cool kids, here comes a new, hot app. There is a constant stream of new social media apps, updates and trends. Most of these trends don’t last longer than most fruit flies.

An app that has perpetuated the constant trending is Vine. Vine, created in 2013, is an app that allows users of the app, known as “Viners,” to create 6 seconds worth of content with the hopes of trending and becoming the “it” video. Vine quickly became a phenomena. Everyone was joining the app in the hopes of becoming “Vine famous” and staking their claim as an internet influencer. Vine has jump-started multiple careers for many of its original “Viners”, in music, television and movies. Some of its most famous graduates include Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Brittany Furlan and crooner, Shawn Mendes, who is currently gearing up for iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball.

Vine created a cultural phenomenon and has shaped video viewing in its three short years since its creation. It opened the door for content creators of all ages and any location. Suddenly, you didn’t have to live in Hollywood to be discovered. You could be in rural North Dakota and as long as you have a video capable phone, you could be the next big thing.

Unfortunately, Twitter announced earlier this week that Vine would be shutting down its App. This caused a huge uproar within the Vine community. However, this opens the door for a new app to take control of the trends. Vine might be coming to the end, but that does not mean influencers are going away.  Most of them have flocked to other social media services and platforms for self-promotion. Vine was a crucial part in the growth of the online video community and made many advances that we will benefit from for years to come. It won’t take long for the next big thing to come along. When the next social media app, trend or update comes along, be ready to integrate it into your social strategy to stake your claim to fame.

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