Don’t Hire Your Nephew or Burden Your Employees with Digital Marketing

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We get it. Small businesses often believe that digital marketing is a luxury they cannot afford. But, that isn’t true. The social media services that digital marketing provides will actually help your business! That’s why we want to help your small business run a digital marketing operation that delivers quality social media services that you need. Don’t fall into the common trap of hiring a family member to run your social media or by having your receptionists or other employees run it and giving them burden in digital marketing. This temporary fix won’t grow your social media presence and won’t help your advertising. Check out the reasons below on why you need a digital marketing team to ensure you get the most out of your social media services.

Burden Your Employees with Digital Marketing

Misconception: Social Media Marketing Is Free
A common pitfall that businesses make is that they believe that digital marketing is cheap/free. It’s on the internet and we don’t pay for social media accounts, so why should I pay? Well, you pay because you want to invest in your business. By not investing in your digital marketing you are just wasting money, time, and resources to get zero results.

Plus, for your business to really have a social media presence, you are going to have to put money into online ads. For example, Facebook advertising requires you to invest by paying for ads. Otherwise, nobody will see your content and your social media life will be non-existent.

Still think it’s a good idea to have your front desk run your social media, thereby taking them away from their actual duties and just causing more harm to your business? Or is your sister’s son still going to help you from time to time since they need an activity to keep them occupied? They aren’t which is why you need a digital marketing team that has the knowledge on how to give your brand a social media presence.

Digital Marketing Trends
If you haven’t noticed, social media is constantly evolving. Digital marketing trends are always changing. What worked last year is more likely than not obsolete. That means digital marketing firms have to be constantly growing and learning. Chances are your receptionist, niece, or nephews aren’t up on the latest trends. They won’t know what is true or what is click-bait. Again, in an effort to save money, your digital presence is being damaged because of mismanagement.

The Right Decision
It is up to your business to decide which option will help you grow. Is it worth burdening employees with work that they are unfamiliar with that will ultimately affect their current work? Or is it worth it to hire your nephew because you promised your brother you would? Finally, just maybe, it’s actually quite cost-effective to outsource your social media needs to an experienced digital marketing agency.

If you are ready to make the right decision, then get a free quote from us today! Let’s show you why your business can finally start having a real social media life.