Email subject lines are important

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Many people judge emails by their subject lines. This is the reason to put some effort and come up with catchy subject lines in order to get your target audience to click through.

You may think that this is just one sentence and possibly not important, but it’s actually the first impression people get about the email you sent them.

You need to have a compelling subject line in order to stand out in someone’s inbox. Read on and find out some of the email subject line best practices.

What makes a great subject line?

If you communicate urgency in your email subject line, it may help compel readers to click. However, this urgency needs to be phrased strategically and in a good way.

A catchy subject line should also spark the reader’s curiosity. If you opt for curiosity, make sure it aligns with your brand. It shouldn’t be too obscure, so it doesn’t end up in the spam folder.

People love it when they read something that is for free or at least discounted. So, it may be a good idea to include the offer in the subject line and people will click through.

From time to time, it would be nice if you send your audience a personalized email. Now, more than ever, marketers have the chance to find out their email subscribers’ likes, dislikes, jobs, interests, etc. Use this and write a personalized email, which shows in the subject line.

Everyone has a celebrity they admire. When you find out pieces of information about your subscribers, you can use that celebrity’s name in the subject line, as well as in the email. Make sure that aligns with your brand, service or product.

Keep your subject lines short because the long ones will be cut off, especially on mobile devices, and most of the email reading takes place on mobiles. It is recommended that a subject line is fewer than 50 characters. So, think about the important words and leave out those less important ones.

It’s also important that you use a familiar email address when sending your emails. Don’t use the ‘no reply’ email because people probably won’t open it due to the many spam messages they get daily. Make this personal as well; use a real person’s email and it will perform better.

Personalization-again. Use your recipients’ names or locations in the subject line and your email will perform better. However, if you go overboard with personalization, it might seem too creepy.

Your subject line needs to reflect on what you’re going to deliver in the email itself. Don’t make false promises just to make people read your email and click through, because it won’t happen. Your audience will know not to trust your subject lines if you ever do this.

Concise language is the key. People go through their inboxes very quickly and if you have a concise and clear subject line- the chances are your target audience will pay attention.

Remember how blog posts use numbers in their headlines? Yes, you can do the same thing with your email subject line. Numbers are a great way for your email to get noticed. This will demonstrate a clear message about the offer you’re sending.

If your emails aren’t getting opened and you have a great piece of content, then you should show it in your subject line as well. If you need fresh ideas for the best eye-catching email subject lines and content, call Venerate Media Group, a digital marketing company. Our email marketing experts are the solution for a better click-through rate.