How To Find Your Social Media Audience

Connecting the community, as influencers.

You would never sit down at a restaurant you’ve never been to before, and without placing an order, expect the server to give you exactly what you want. Yet this is exactly what businesses do every single day on social media – create and publish content for an audience they’ve never spoken to and know absolutely nothing about.

Stop the madness! Instead, learn more about your social media audience. In return you’ll receive higher conversions when using social media marketing for your small business.

It’s off to Facebook Analytics we go! Click on the People tab to find free, basic demographics of your Facebook fans. Afterwards, spend some time in Twitter Analytics. The audience tab offers fairly comprehensive data on your Twitter followers. You can see their occupation, buying style and home ownership status among other valuable information.

Next, head over to Google Analytics. Please believe, once you understand how to use Google Analytics, you’ll see it for the glorious treasure trove of data it truly is! There are three main categories of information that Google Analytics offers you: demographics, interests and geography. Location is helpful for language reasons as well as cultural ones. Knowing how to communicate in a foreign language or culture is an invaluable tool for brands who wish to be global.

Now that you’ve collected solid analytics, move on to social listening and monitoring. It starts with finding which social media platforms your customer is using most frequently. Just this little bit of information is enough to start forming ideas about the wants and needs of your buyer, however you want to do more!

Pay attention to who is interacting with your social media content most frequently and find ways to partner with them in mutually beneficial ways. You can also use specific keywords to locate relevant conversations people are having near you and find ways to engage on a basic human level.

The process ends with the creation of your buyer persona. This is what actually helps you see your audience as an individual, allowing you to create more personalized content made just for him or her. Start with what you know, and add on as you continue learning more.

Now that you know exactly how to find your social media audience, get out there and do it!

All of the social media marketing services we offer your small business start with finding your social media audience. Call or email us to learn more about your small business social media marketing options with Venerate Media Group.