Free Online Courses During COVID-19

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Free Online Courses During Covid-19 at HomeThere are a lot of companies that offer free online courses during COVID-19. Since the coronavirus pandemic has started and most of the people spend their days home. Some of them work from home and some have, unfortunately, been forced to stop working for their own and other people’s safety.

Social distancing has provided some people with extra free time that they, probably, didn’t have before. This may be the right time to attend that online course you didn’t have time for while working full time. The best thing about it is the particular course you wanted to enroll yourself in, might be free of charge now. Why not start learning new skills, exploring interesting topics, or brushing up on your current work?

A lot of online free courses are being offered during the COVID -19 pandemic and it’s time that you check them out. Here’s a list of some of the best free online courses being offered to you right now.


Udemy is offering hundreds of courses for free. Many are data science courses, but you can also find free courses on productivity, personal development, and music.


Packt offers free workshop access. One year of access to any interactive workshop is currently available at no charge for registered Packt users. Offer expires May 31st, 2020. You can choose web development, data science, or programming languages.

Class Central

Millions of people have used Class Central to decide which online course to take. They offer a lot of courses, including courses from top universities around the world like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard.


Many free courses from well-known universities and companies are available on Coursera. It is possible to get a certificate for a fee upon finishing certain courses successfully.

Harvard University

Harvard University also offers a large number of online free courses. The topics of free courses that you can choose are related to Humanities, Art and Design, Social Sciences, Medicine, Science, Computer Science, and many more.

Rosetta Stone

Learn the language of your choice. Offer includes a 3-month, no-cost Rosetta Stone for Students subscription for new users (3-month period begins upon delivery of the access information email) and a no-cost, 3-month subscription added to the end of the current subscription term for eligible Homeschool product subscribers.


Are you into music? Good news for you! Fender is offering new users a free three-month subscription to Fender Play, their online learning app for guitar, bass, and ukulele.


Alison provides free courses in Google platforms and more, with certifications available.

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Courses by Caroline

Do you feel like your life’s a mess right now? You’d like to go from chaos to organized bliss? The Organizing Formula is a free course on how to get your stuff together and is available in both English and Spanish from Courses by Caroline.

One Way Journey

One Way Journey wants everyone to be able to have access to help and support during this difficult time. They offer a Free Happiness Course Online. The course is free and you do not need to sign up to take part.

Vital transformation

Eliyahu Jian wants to help people find their purpose and achieve their goals through free online classes. Check out Vital Transformation and rediscover your happiness and power.


freeCodeCamp is, basically, an open-source community that helps you learn how to code. freeCodeCamp has recently released the so-called Coronavirus Academy, its collection of distance learning programs for coders. You can check it out here.

COVID-19 free course about COVID-19

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Psychologists say hushing your negative thoughts is not the best idea. To overcome fear, you have to talk about it — even better, explore it. Future Learn has recently launched an online course on Coronavirus and its worldwide implications. It is for people who work in healthcare or anyone interested in finding out more.

To sum up, this is a short quarantine recipe for everyone who has extra free time: read Venerate Media Group’s article, visit the aforementioned sites and decide on the free online courses during COVID-19 that best fit you and start learning.

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