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The Company: Geiger is the nation’s largest family-owned promotional products distributors. They are headquartered in Lewiston, Maine but have offices all over the country and 500 sales partners. Geiger specializes in branded high end promotional products but also sell high volumes of giveaways such as pens.

The Challenge: Geiger was slow to adopt the latest digital marketing practices. Their social channels had low engagement rates and little valuable content, which was reflected in the low number of followers.

The Solution: To bring Geiger up to date, Venerate Media Group needed to provide quality content to a wide, national audience of buyers for major companies. VMG rolled out a social media awareness campaign to boost Geiger’s presence, and posted branded content across its social platforms in order to stay at the forefront of prospective buyers’ minds. VMG utilized these accounts to bolster the efforts of the 500 sales partners to increase demand for the products and ultimately sales, too.

The Results: Rates of engagement on Geiger’s social channels as well as sales partners’ are up. Social reach has reached an all-time high, gaining access to an entirely new audience. Geiger boasts nearly 22 thousand followers on their Twitter account, up from 327 when we first began working with them in 2016, a total gain of 6,500 percent. Instagram saw similar results, at 6,300 percent growth over the same period. Facebook saw a growth of 52 percent and posts reach far exceeds what many pages experience. We also provide prospective customers easy access to view Geiger’s website in order to purchase merchandise.