How to Generate More Google Reviews

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Looking at user reviews is extremely helpful when looking at businesses. Many people won’t try out a restaurant or business without looking up its reviews. That is why it’s important to make sure you are utilizing social media services to their fullest. Google business reviews from customers can help your business by increasing visibility and create a level of trust. Think about all the times you used Google reviews, Amazon comments, or Yelp before deciding to purchase a product or go out to eat. Now apply that to your brand. Go and find a team that can deliver quality social media services to raise your brand awareness. So let’s get to it. Below are some ways you can generate more Google reviews and how your brand can take full advantage of social media services to expand its reach.

Ask For a Review

It’s that simple. Just ask a customer to write a review for your product/service. This will help pick up some easy reviews. Many businesses don’t think to ask for one up front. Try it out!

Make It Easy

Make it simple for customers to leave an online review. Create a link or print out instructions for your customers on how to leave a Google review. If you make it as easy and painless as possible, then they will be more inclined to leave one. It could be something as simple as this to give them a little nudge.


Send a personalized friendly email asking for a review. Let the customer know that you value them and want their feedback. It could help establish a human face to your brand and motivate them to comment.

Flurry of Outlets

Let it be known how to leave a review. Post instructions across all the social media platforms your brand is on. Ask customers in store if possible. If they can call in, have your agents remind them. Kindly keep asking for feedback in the form of Google reviews.


It is okay to provide an incentive for leaving a review. Just make sure it’s tasteful and done in moderation. The review policy isn’t too hot on soliciting reviews. But you can do it effectively.

Respond to reviews

How to respond to Google reviews. Thank them for glowing ones. If you receive criticism, let them know what you will do to remediate that. This also shows customers that you care and that your business is active. They will feel more inclined to leave comments if they know you are actually reading them.


Try making your email signature a call to action. You could snag some reviews that way. It could be a nice boost to your review count and it also provides a friendly reminder to your customers.

Generate more Google reviews doesn’t have to feel like you are pulling teeth. Keep it nice and easy. Provide friendly reminders and an easy way to leave comments. Make it part of the daily routine in your business so that you can get those numbers up.

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