4 Easy Ways To Get More People Clicking On Your Content

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Social media marketing is all about generating buzz, engagement, and action. But, to do all that, you need to have a social media marketing strategy that gets people clicking on your brand’s content. That all starts with a catchy headline. With a great headline, you can reel in people’s attention because all it takes is a few words to get them captivated. If that headline is good, then users won’t be able to simply glance or skip past it. Instead they will have to read more and see what this post is all about. With a great social media marketing strategy, you can find your target audience and write headlines that will get clicks. Here are four ways to do that:

1. Use Curiosity

Humans are curious by nature. They are curious to learn or understand things that are strange or perplexing. They are also curious to learn about new things so that they can increase their knowledge level. The drive to learn new things is quite strong and is considered valuable.

2. Utilize The Power Of Numbers

Numbers are a great tool to use. Just look at our headline! Numbers will help pick the people who scan through headlines. Because they are seeing a number and not just words, they will likely pause to see what the number refers to. It’s a great way to stand out. Think about all the words and images you are flooded with daily. When a number is introduced, it stands out because it isn’t what you are used to. Thereby captivating us and holding our attention.

3. Simply Ask A Question

Try asking a question. Just make sure to avoid asking one that is too simple or obvious. For example, don’t pose this question: “Is breathing good for me?” People already know it is and it’s not really compelling. Also avoid using questions that are intended to stoke fear and discomfort. Instead, the question should make reader pause and think about the question. They should genuinely be curious and want to see the answer. Most importantly, the question should make the reader feel something which will compel them to read or click on your content.

4. Give Your Audience Useful Tips and Guidance

Everybody loves a headline that says “How to.” It’s effective and tells the audience exactly what they are going to learn. The reason for this is because people like reading about advice and having direction. Being a trailblazer or making your own decisions can scare a lot of people.

None of these tips are earth shattering, but they are extremely effective. Try them out next time you want to get more people clicking on your content.

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