Getting the Most Out of Instagram Hashtags

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Are you aware that by using one Instagram hashtag, your post can receive up to 12.6% more engagement than posts that do not feature a hashtag? If you’ve yet to utilize this feature, it’s time to start. Including hashtags in every social post for your business account on Instagram is an effective method for receiving more visibility on your posts and engagement.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered six types of hashtags that your e-commerce firm can use to include in your marketing strategy. Check them out below!

Branded Hashtags

Creating a branded hashtag is particularly useful when increasing awareness of your promotions, events and social media accounts. Most companies simply use their company name as the hashtag or a tagline that people will find catchy or easy to identify. With a branded hashtag, you can encourage users to include the hashtag in their posts as a part of user-generated content.

Contest Hashtags

Have a great idea for a contest that you can run on your social media accounts? The best way to go about running this contest is to come up with a contest hashtag your users can use for photo submissions. In addition to branded hashtags, contest hashtags are another great way to collect user-generated content. Consider including related hashtags like #instacontest and #giveaway as well.

General Appeal Hashtags

Using general appeal hashtags on your posts will significantly boost your reach. Platforms like Hashtagify are especially useful as they show you popular hashtags, potential reach, and the impact of specific terms and phrases. You can also sort your hashtags into different categories such as location hashtags. By organizing your hashtags, you’ll know when to use the right ones for every unique post that you create.

Niche Appeal Hashtags

When your target audience is looking for new brands to connect to or products and services related to your industry, they’re going to search for niche related hashtags. Every industry will have specific key phrases and words that are relevant to their target audience. Though using these hashtags won’t have the same impact as general appeal hashtags, they most certainly will connect to the right users and gain relevant traffic to your account.

Timely Hashtags

Take advantage of current events and seasonal holidays with hashtags! Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to use relevant hashtags that are holiday-specific like #blackfriday or #thanksgiving2019.

Humorous Hashtags

Believe it or not: Instagram users spend hours on the app simply to watch content that makes them laugh. Though these hashtags won’t significantly boost your reach, they’ll add character to your posts and most importantly, entertain your audience. Be creative and find what makes your target audience laugh. Trust us, it’s worth your while!

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