Google Plus & Your Business

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Google Plus isn’t exactly like the other social media services out there. It’s not really meant to be Google’s way of competing with other social media platforms. Instead it’s about evolving how we communicate with the world. It’s also not what we are really used to either. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus is more about building new relationships than looking through pictures of old friends or baby photos. Paired with the right kind of social media services from the right team, your brand can be part of the future. Google plus allows for the opportunity to expand your brand and find new customers.

Check out below why Google Plus will benefit your business and should be part of any social media services package:

  1. Google Plus is first off a Google product. It may be obvious but that means you will be prioritized by Google.
  2. Using Google Plus helps to get on the coveted first page of search. Your posts on the platform get indexed by Google and have a positive impact on search engine results.
  3. Remember you are joining the Google family. This gives your business a lot of resources that are organized in one place. You will have Hangouts, YouTube, Gmail, Communities, and more. These services are meant to benefit your business.
  4. Google’s search engine is personalizing. This is a new way to interact with our world. This innovation will allow us to find information based on our preferences and interests. This will enable your business to show up in searches and raise your brand awareness.
  5. The +1 button. This allows people to share your brand by promoting your content in Google searches.
  6. Google Communities is a unique resource your brand can tap into. Your brand can proactively connect with people by finding groups that share interests with your brand.
  7. Google Plus Local allows users to find and recommend places. You probably already use this feature the most now. You can get info about a business and see what the reviews say.

Fully realize the potential of Google Plus for your business. Have your business be a part of a social media platform that seeks to innovate the way we interact with the world around us.

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