5 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Connecting the community, as influencers.

In the past, you may have heard the following saying:  “A picture is worth a thousand words” and can be use on social media to grow your brand like Instagram. Whether or not you deemed that quote a worthy one, Instagram sure has. As one of the fastest growing social networks to date, Instagram has reeled in huge success with its millions of daily users, some of whom that are businesses, dependent on the platform to spread awareness of their brand and services.

For those that have yet to integrate Instagram in their social media services strategy, it’s time to open, update and maintain an active account. Why? Because Instagram is integral to executing a social media strategy that works. With its useful features such as IGTV, story highlights, post notifications, and live video, Instagram is a useful app that can boost your brand’s social media presence for the better and grow your brand on Instagram.

Read ahead to find out 5 tips that our social media services team have come up with to help you grow your brand on Instagram.

Create Instagram posts on desktop

Although you can’t publish your posts on Instagram’s web application, you can create them. Creating posts on a desktop is less time consuming than doing it on your mobile. By using an Instagram scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, you can have posts automatically published, skipping the time needed to transfer photos from your desktop to mobile device.

Prepare hashtags in a note-taking app

According to many reputable hashtag studies, posts with nine hashtags perform best. However, it is quite tedious to type nine hashtags every time you post on Instagram. This is where your favorite note-taking app steps in. You should prepare sets of hashtags for the themes you use and then simply copy and paste them on the post.

Separate content creation and engagement

Despite the common belief that multitasking is effective for getting many tasks done in a shorter amount of time, it’s actually less time efficient. To optimally perform on the Instagram platform, it is recommended to do the following:  create or schedule content and engage with users. By dividing your time between these two actions and then focusing on each action at a time, you can save time and accurately complete tasks.

Repurpose posts

If you have pre-existing content on social media platforms other than Instagram, feel free to repurpose that content for your Instagram feed. This is a time effective route you can take to ensure that your content is flowing and the impact of your content on your viewers is strong.

Repost with permission

User-generated content is something you should share on Instagram because it is memorable and more trusted than non-user generated media. A great way to do so is to repost images from your community. Reposting apps will allow you to do it in an easy way but it is recommended that you request permission first.

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