3 Hidden LinkedIn Features

Connecting the community, as influencers.

LinkedIn is a robust social media platform which has continued to gain popularity since it was first introduced in 2002 and there are hidden LinkedIn features you can use. With 467 million registered users, it’s main purpose is to connect like-minded business individuals. This sole focus has allowed LinkedIn to expand into a massive employment opportunity for both job seekers as well as employers.

With so many new features being added, refined and enhanced each day, it’s no wonder that you’ve missed these three hidden features of LinkedIn. Keep reading as we reveal them below.

#1: Design a public profile badge.

Millions of users can make finding one specific person quite difficult when you have limited information. One way to stand apart from others with your name and occupation is to use LinkedIn’s amazing public profile badges. Choose from a variety of button sizes and incorporate them into your website, landing pages or blog.

#2: Take advantage of plugins.

Plugins are a well-hidden LinkedIn feature that few people know about, and even fewer people take advantage of. As a general rule, plugins are modules or software meant to extend and expand the functionality of an existing program. LinkedIn uses plugins so that members may better integrate your LinkedIn profile with your personal or business website.

As a LinkedIn user, you can generate tons of useful information. One example is a page that shows how many followers you have on LinkedIn. Another is a list of new job openings. Businesses will also appreciate the LinkedIn company page plugin which generates a synopsis of your company. Another plugin worth adding to your website is the “Follow” option. This allows site visitors to add you to their LinkedIn connections with the click of a button.

#3: Use strategic keywords.

Creativity counts here! Go beyond the typical job titles you see every day and choose something special for your headline. Entice more people to click on your headline with interesting and relevant keywords. One way to do this is by getting specific. Consider any talents you have that are exclusive to you. For additional advice on keywords, check out “How To Research Keywords For Your SEO Strategy.”

Now that you’re aware of these hidden LinkedIn features, it’s essential that you choose one or two to implement for your personal or business profile. If you simply don’t have the time, consider hiring Venerate Media Group to handle social media marketing for your business. Call (888) 486-4130 to schedule your marketing consultation.