7 Important Questions to Ask When Analyzing SEO And SMM Strategies

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By now, you’ve most likely come to realize that virtually every question you have can be answered by a beloved search engine – and when you’re a marketer, every answer you can provide to the internet is one someone else can provide but not all can use SEO and SMM strategies ver well.

This rising competition is making it exceedingly difficult to stand out on the internet. Which brings us to our first question:  How do we differentiate ourselves from a sea of similar content? Our answer lies where content optimization begins.

If you are just beginning to assess your optimization strategy, we bring you 8 important questions to ask when analyzing what SMM and SEO strategies will work best for your business.

1.  If there anything else I need aside from SEO?

Experiencing low traffic to your website is a clear indication that you’ll need to seek out the assistance of an SEO strategist. However, if you’re experiencing high bounce rates, this may be an indication that you’ll need to up your page speed. This may entail the design of an entirely new website. Consult with our specialists here.

2. Is SEO and SMM improving my ranking?

You’ll need to conduct a thorough analysis to answer this question. Consider what efforts you’re putting behind your SEO optimization and social media marketing strategy. Are you link building? Are your blog posts optimized? Is your social strategy bringing forth leads?

If you’re receiving results, you’re on the right track. If you aren’t, something has to improve and fast. At Venerate Media Group, we provide a free SEO analysis that is of a $250 value.

3. How to track progress?

Tracking progress can be done by requesting consistent reports on targeted words and how they rank, a competitive analysis of your content marketing, the engagements you receive on social posts such as shares and likes, and click-through rates.

4. How can I measure my success?

For SEO, you can begin by measuring organic traffic, keyword research and how they rank, and traffic from your visitors.

For SMM, it’s all about the engagements. Again, are you gaining leads from social efforts? At Venerate Media Group, we receive requests for share for share partnerships, article features, and projects on our social channel. It goes to show that a little effort in content planning around our target audience goes a long way.

5. When can I expect results?

In this regard, it’s suggested to be patient. SEO takes time. You cannot expect two weeks of SEO work to make an immediate impact in the same fashion that working out for two weeks will not reverse the damage that 10 years of unhealthy eating will do.

In other words, stay consistent with your SEO effort. Put a full and strong force behind it. If done right, within a few months, you’ll see drastic changes. It’s all in the numbers.

6. What do I need to know about SEO?

If you have very little understanding of SEO, we’ll provide you with the basics. You can begin with familiarizing yourself with how to optimizing your page, track your progress, and measure results.

For some social platforms, they have an analytics system built into the feature. Facebook offers Facebook Analytics, LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Analytics, and Instagram offers Instagram for Business Analytics.

7. Who do I need on my team?

It’s time to optimize your team with individuals who are specialized in digital marketing. This includes an SEO specialist, a developer, a content and copywriter, and a digital marketing manager to oversee daily functions.

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