The quickest way to lose FaceBook friends – improper use of Multi-Level Marketing

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Are your Facebook friends clogging your timeline with products that they are trying to sell? Have you thought about unfriending your friends online who hound you about buying their mediocre products or services? These products sold by your friends range from makeup to weight loss supplements to candles. This is known in the marketing industry as multi-level marketing, MLM. Many people have strong feelings about multi-level marketing. Some even call it the rebranded pyramid scheme of the internet age. Multi-level marketing should be kept off of your Facebook newsfeed, and here’s why.

No matter what product is being sold, multi-level social media marketing services is made up of the same two things: the product and the opportunity to become a salesperson who recruits more people to sell the product. This started out before the internet age when people had Tupperware parties and invited all of their neighbors to attend a party (and to buy Tupperware). Once Facebook was created, multi-level marketers seized the opportunity to sell online.

Multi-level marketers are the most annoying thing to happen to Facebook since the “poke” button. These sellers pester their friends to no avail. In fact, selling products on your Facebook page is the quickest way to lose Facebook friends. Many people feel pressured to support their friends in their business endeavors. However, with multiple friends on their feeds selling products, the pressure to support and purchase from Facebook friends becomes too much.

Surely it’s happened to you. Your friend, Susie, is selling a product that you are not interested in buying. Suddenly you’ve been invited to like her personal page and you’re getting notifications every time she posts about her product. Not only do you start to despise the product, but you start to despise Susie as well. Susie doesn’t realize that she has sacrificed her friends while trying to make a little extra cash on the side.

If you are considering selling a product on Facebook by multi-level marketing strategy, consider these tips. Remember that anything that sounds too good to be true is, in fact, too good to be true. Use caution if the company is promising to help you get rich quick. Once you make the decision to sell, choose to tell people about your expertise with the product or company and allow them to come to you, rather than forcing your product onto your Facebook friends constantly. By saving sales pitches for private messages, you can personalize each pitch for individual customers. According to research, success in multi-level marketing comes from the relationships built with each individual customer. That is why blasting your friends’ news feeds with constant posts about products is the least successful sales tactic. You will annoy fewer people and make more sales if you choose to market your product wisely- by saving sales pitches for direct messages and branding yourself (once) as an expert on the product on your personal page. You will be more successful if people come to you for your business rather than you forcing yourself on them.

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