Improve Your Time Spent on Pinterest Marketing

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Social media marketing can be time consuming and let’s face it time is a precious commodity. Just managing a Pinterest profile alone can take up too much time. This blog will provide you with six helpful ways to better handle your Pinterest marketing efforts, reducing your time spent to merely a few minutes each day.

Time Spent on Pinterest Marketing

1) Pin it, Repin it!

As with any other social platform, you always need to maintain a flow of content in order to keep your audience
engaged. Think of it like this, if a river goes dry, farmers won’t be able to grow crops and possibly sell them. The same concept applies to social media. If you don’t maintain fresh content on a daily basis, you will lose the interest of your audience and may even risk un-likes and unfollows. For Pinterest, pinning content alone is not enough. You need to constantly find new, fresh content to add to your boards otherwise, you may risk losing the attention of your audience. The key is to allocate three minutes each day to repinning on your boards. Assuming you manage your Pinterest profile five days a week, three minutes each day equals to fifteen minutes a week allocated to repining content to your boards, and generating continued and possibly increased engagement with your audience. It is important to note that the content you repin needs to be relevant to your brand and to your audience. Time allocated: 15 minutes per week.

2) Schedule Your Pins in Advance

One of the best things to happen to social media was the development of social media management tools. The lives of so many social media professionals were made that much easier. With this, you can schedule your pins for the weekend with relative ease. Once you complete your pins for the day, allocate five minutes on Fridays just to schedule pins for the weekend. With that you can enjoy your weekend knowing you are ahead of your work. Examples of social media tools you can use to schedule your pins include Buffer, ViralWoot, Viralag and Tailwind. Time allocated: 5 minutes per week.

3) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who are the Most Important Pinners of them All?

Regardless of what social platform you may be using, the key idea of social media is to SOCIALIZE! This means following and engaging with major influencers online. Pinterest is no exception. Make it a point to follow at least three to five new pinners each day that are relevant to the field that your brand specializes in. This should take no more than five minutes per day. It is important to stress that you find pinners who will add value and contribute to your Pinterest marketing efforts. Time allocated: 25 minutes per week.

4) A Comment a Day, Keeps Your Brand in Play

Engagement is not all about liking someone else’s posts. It’s also about making relevant comments that add value to the poster of the pin you like. Strive to at least make one comment a day. It’s important to note that your comments should not be self-promotional in nature, and instead they should be meaningful. Adding resources through links or contributing additional information to complement what has already been posted are great ways to contribute others pins. Dedicate at least three minutes each day to commenting on others pins. Time allocated: 15 minutes per week.

5) Consolidate Your Pinterest Posts

Add some creativity to your Pinterest marketing efforts by creating your own images. Pinterest is very flexible when it comes to size, especially for tall images. One recommended tool that can help you create wonderful images is Canva. To be more efficient, make it a point to create five images in one day that you can pin each day of the week. If done right, it should take you no more than twenty-five minutes to create five different pins (five minutes for each image). Time allocated: 25 minutes per week.

6) Analyze Your Pins

Spend some time at the end of every week, possibly a Friday, analyzing the performance of your pins. Which pin performed best and which did not perform as expected? Which board received the most attention? Through Pinterest Analytics, you can get a rough idea as to what you can do to improve in the following week. It is recommended that you dedicate five minutes each week to looking over your analytics. Time allocated: 5 minutes per week.

Concluding Remarks

There you have it folks! By my calculation, all of the tips above should take you approximately 90 minutes or 1.5 hours a week. Not a long time if you think about it. It all comes down to proper time management and being efficient in what you do. If done correctly, you will have plenty of time to manage your other social platforms. In fact, it is recommendable that you apply this advice to your other social marketing efforts. You would be surprised at how efficient you can be!

How much time do you dedicate to Pinterest marketing? Have further recommendations you would like to add?


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