Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

Connecting the community, as influencers.

With social media platforms and services like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offering new avenues to reach your consumer base, it’s no wonder that advertisers are spending big money to make use of them. They created a whole industry within digital marketing on social media services. When you run an engaging, interesting advertising campaign, your product will practically advertise for itself, or your customers will do it for you, at least. But the question becomes how do you drive engagement with new feed algorithms deciding who sees what? Here are just a few tips on how to increase social media engagement.

In recent years, the algorithms for these social media platforms have been prioritizing content from friends and family members over the content from advertisers, so getting your content seen can be something of a struggle. That said, one thing you can do to get your base talking about your content is to try gamification. Posting a caption contest, or something similar can encourage your followers to not only interact with your post but can also get them to share your content with their friends’ list. When boosting visibility is the goal, nothing can be better than making it fun.

Another strategy to increase social media engagement is to create your own “influencer pod.” Simply put, an influencer pod is a group of users that engage and interact with social media content in an organic and mutually beneficial way, thereby ensuring that your content gets shared and thereby seen by more social media users naturally. Having such a group of users helps your content appear higher and more frequently in social media feeds, and for that alone, it’s worth it.

A final tip is to rethink the way that your PR and Marketing teams work with the media, as it relates to social media marketing services. Before trying to get media coverage, keep in mind that more and more media is being shared on social outlets. This means that if you reach out to a media outlet with an idea, it should not only be beneficial to you and your brand, it should also be the kind of story that their followers engage and interact with. Do some research and improve your pitch!

These are just a few ideas to increase social media engagement, but since the technology is so new, it can’t hurt to brainstorm and come up with a few of your own!