Instagram Story – Instagram’s newest feature

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When you signed onto your Instagram account, you may have noticed a change. On August 2, 2016, Instagram added a new way to share pictures with your followers. Its newest update is the “Instagram Story” feature, which you can find in a bar located at the top of your newsfeed.

The Instagram is best social media marketing platform and the story is designed to allow users to share moments throughout their day, in an effort to keep people from worrying about over posting. These photos added to people’s Stories are not kept on their profile. Instead, these photos are kept separate from your profile and feed, and only last for 24 hours. You may notice that this feature is similar to the “My Story” feature that is heavily popular on Snapchat.

Here’s how you can use the newest feature on Instagram:

  1. At the top of your feed, you’ll notice a row of Stories of people that you follow. Simply tap on their picture to watch their ten-second Story.
  2. To fast forward through a story, tap the right side of your screen. If you’d like to go back and review someone’s Story, simply tap the left side of your screen. To completely skip someone’s Story, swipe left to advance to the next person’s story.
  3. Feel like replying to someone’s Story? You can either tap where it says “Send Message” in the lower left corner or swipe up to send them a private message about their Story.
  4. After you’ve watched everyone else’s Story, it’s time to make your own. On the top lefthand corner of your screen, you’ll see a small plus sign. Either tap this plus sign or swipe right on the screen to begin creating your Story.
  5. You can either shoot your photo or video then, or upload anything from your camera roll that has been taken in the last 24 hours.
  6. After you’ve chosen a photo or video, you can add text, emojis or doodle with different brushes.
  7. Once your Story has been posted, it will be visible for 24 hours to anyone who can view your profile.
  8. If you’d like to hide your Story from someone, you can use the “Hide” option for specific people.

Marli Harrelson recently moved to the Tampa area after graduating from The University of Alabama with a degree in Communication and Information Sciences. When she’s not on social media, she’s traveling, eating or watching college football.