Is it creepy to secretly record your website visitors?

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Recording website visitors seems a bit creepy, but over 900,000 WEBSITES use video recording software to see what visitors do on their websites. The valuable information each recording provides can answer some questions on how people navigate a website, where they move the mouse or touch the screen, and if the Call-to-Action(s) are in the most ideal places. Kind of like watching TV from your neighbor’s window.

Many options to record visitors are available on the market, but we recommend using one particular software because it’s easy to install, easy to use and you can start for free! It’s called HotJar.

Describe Hotjar? Sure


Let me explain how to set up a Hotjar account so you can learn how to optimize your pages for conversion while also learning about the habits of your most valuable people, your customers.

First, here is a quick 60-sec video from Hotjar!

A free account can be created at hotjar.com. This is like setting up any other account on the internet. If you remember setting up your account on any of the social media sites, Hotjar is easier to set up.

Setting up Hotjar on your website

Any current tag management system, including Google Tag Manager, makes it easy to install Hotjar. All website content management platforms will include plugins or apps to easily add Hotjar to your website. We prefer adding the code in between the “head” tags of your website.

Adding the code to the head tag of your website.

Very quickly, just about every website will have information between the head tags of every page. The structure looks like this and highlighted in yellow are the head tags. If you or your website designer can add the code in between this section, save and it should be live on your website. Then, verify it in Hotjar and you’re all set!

After the code is added to your website, recording will begin to accumulate!

If you’re not tech savvy, look to see if the CMS your website is using has an easy way to add Hotjar to your website. On several well-known platforms, Hotjar is ready to use right out of the box. If you have any queries regarding Hotjar or other analytical tools for tracking your online digital marketing activities, we’re here to help.

You’ll also receive weekly emails pointing to the most relevant sessions with quick links to view the recordings!

The capabilities of Hotjar go beyond the video recordings, but this is just a quick article to open the door to the possibilities.

Our agency has used video recording software to help our clients increase our lead generation efforts by 140%, online e-commerce store sales by 249%, and pdf downloads by 72%!

Our agency has used video recording software to help our clients redirect ad dollars from low-performing campaigns to high-performing campaigns that other analytical tools missed.

What could video records of website visitors mean to you?

Recordings are a great resource for seeing and understanding how users engage with various website features. Using the ability to filter by pages viewed, browsers, and device type, we can go deep and investigate how specific types of users are interacting with specific pages on the site.

Visitor recordings provide you with a snapshot of how users interacted with your website. Reviewing recordings will allow you to see how actual users interact with your website and identify potential friction points.

To Get Started

Go to hotjar.com and sign up for an account. Try to add the script or plugin to your website. Plenty of videos exist online to help show you where to place the code. Or contact us and we can help you add the code.