Making Google AdWords Extensions Work For You

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In marketing, a bigger ad is always better. It’s not only more likely to catch the viewer’s attention, but it’s also able to provide more information to help your viewer make a positive decision about your company. Same goes for your presence on social media and its services, be everywhere. So why, when working with Google AdWords, would you choose to settle for a smaller ad? Did we pique your interest? Check out how social media services can do more for you. But, now let’s learn how to make Google AdWords extensions work for you.

What is a Google AdWords extension? It’s a short piece of content that accompanies your ad that gives extra information along with it. There are actually a few different kinds of extensions that each offer different information, but each offers an expanded use for your ads and is definitely worth the time and effort that it takes to set up. These tools can be part of a social media services package that could help your brand.

Among the information that AdWords extensions can offer is information about the benefits your company can provide to your customer, links to pages on your website, and even contact information. Better yet, extensions can increase your ad’s click-through rate, and in some cases, your conversion rate while simultaneously raise your ad rank, which lowers your cost-per-click, give your ad a higher position on the page and give it a higher chance of showing up. Simply put, using extensions is nothing but a benefit to your AdWords ad.

Whether you’re using extensions to launch an app or give your customers a direct link to call your business, or to add more information to your ad, doing so makes your ad not only larger, which makes it stand out more, it also makes it more useful to your customers. Making your ad more useful can result in your customers feeling like your company is more useful. It’s a no-brainer, really. Make it easy, and they will come to you. No matter what kind of extension you’re using, however, it’s important to construct a custom landing page for each one, so the customer can be lead directly to where they want to go.

When it’s all said and done, Google AdWords extensions may require a bit more work on your website to be effective, but nothing beats the value you’ll get by having your ad seen more easily, and your customers will appreciate the added utility and information.

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