Marketers Beware! 5 Facebook Ad Changes You Need to Know

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In the past year or so, Facebook has underwent many changes from shifting reach to paid as opposed to organic, to recently adding live-streaming for celebrities. Brands now have at their disposal, various ways they can get their messages across to their audiences.

Facebook Ad Changes

Below are some significant changes that Facebook introduced to their ads that marketers need to be made aware of.

Facebook Adds Call Now Feature to the Call-To-Action Button for Mobile Use

Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a “call-to-action” button to pages, allowing followers to engage in a particular action such as calling the business and scheduling an appointment. Facebook later replicated that feature for ad campaigns, allowing marketers to add a call-to-action button there as well. In 2014, Facebook added the “Get Directions” call-to-action to their ads and just recently followed that up with a “Call Now” call-to-action. This allows targeted mobile users to immediately connect with the business running that particular Facebook ad campaign just by touching the “Call Now” button on the screen. A smart way for brands to expand their reach to mobile users.

Product Ads Can Now Be Synced With Your Product Catalogs

If you are familiar with how Google Shopping ads work, then you will get the hang of this new feature from Facebook. While the main purpose of both ad features are similar, Facebook’s product ads work slightly differently. Facebook’s product ads rely mostly on the history of the customer’s interaction with your website or app. This makes it easy to cater your offering based on your customer’s tastes and preferences using previous interactions. All you really have to do is input keywords that will help extract product pricing, images, and names straight from your catalog. Once you are out of stock of the particular product, the ads will stop running.

Facebook App Now Features Carousel Ads

Another major feature introduced in 2014 was carousel ads. This provided brands with the opportunity to showcase multiple images and links, allowing users to simply click a button to go to the next item. In May of 2015, Facebook brought this feature to its mobile app, allowing users to simply swipe to the right or left to view an item.

Update to Facebooks Ad Managing Tools

This past June, Facebook overhauled its ad managing tools, Ads Manager and Power Editor, and added additional functionality. It is now much easier to analyze the metrics for your ad campaigns and manage them from one place. A major enhancement made to the tool was the ability to manage the targeting and budgeting of your ads in bulk as opposed to doing so one at a time. You can also duplicate ad campaigns through the “Create Similar” feature.

Manage Your Facebook Ad Campaigns From Mobile

Earlier in 2015, Facebook released an Ads Manager app for mobile use. Now you no longer have to sit in front of your computer screen to manage your Facebook ad campaign. Instead, you can manage your campaigns and receive push-notifications straight from your mobile phone.

There you have it, marketers! All the significant changes Facebook has implemented recently with regards to ad campaigns. Now go out there and use them to your hearts content!


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