A Marketer’s Guide: Adding Digital To Your Marketing Mix

Connecting the community, as influencers.

If adding digital to your marketing mix has you somewhat-to-completely baffled, you’ve come to the right place!

There are many benefits to using digital marketing, especially with social media. For a peek at how social media can help your business, I encourage you to read: “Social Media – Your Key To Success”. However, this post provides a breakdown of several strategies that can be used on many digital platforms.

Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, both digital and traditional marketing can help you reach your goals. In most situations, a marketing plan can benefit from elements of each. The key is finding the right marketing mix.

Read on for practical ways to start implementing digital in your marketing:

  1. Gathering Information

There will always be a need for valuable information, although the ways we collect it may change.As an example, surveys have been a traditional marketing method for many years but they were always done by mail, in person or over the phone. Those were the three options. Now, you can send a survey through email or post it your website and social media pages. This helps achieve a much bigger collection of answers. And that’s a good thing because the bigger your sample size, the better your results.

  1. Targeting Customers

Remember when it was hard to find someone’s contact information? Now digital allows us to reach pretty much anyone, anywhere. A quick internet search usually pulls up plenty of relevant data. Additionally, many social media networks have upped their targeting game! You can now choose a specific geographic location as well as demographics, habits, lifestyle choices, and more.

  1. Providing Choice

Smart marketers know to cross-promote their content across multiple channels. This spreads your message further, and also allows your customers to choose how they consume it. That’s why it’s important to know who your target customer is and which platforms they use before deciding where to put your efforts. If you need help creating your ideal customer, start with “How To Use A Buyer Persona To Reach Your Real Customers”.

  1. Building Relationships

If there’s one area where digital really shines, it’s with consumer engagement. Digital marketing is the solution to making your customer’s experience what they always wanted it to be: a two-sided conversation.If you listen often and you listen well, customers will often tell you what they like or dislike about your brand and its products/services.With so many digital outlets to choose from, you have a lot more places to listen!Use this invaluable feedback to revisit your buyer persona, revise your product/service or simply engage with your customer.

  1. Tracking Results

Being able to track the success of your digital campaigns and adjust as necessary, is a huge advantage when it comes to marketing your brand! It gives you the ability to adapt quickly if something isn’t working. Likewise, you can heavily push something that IS working. Additionally, measuring the final results of a digital campaign is incredibly easy, as long as you know what to track. Because there’s so much information available, it’s vital to be laser-focused on what you MUST track.

  1. Long-lasting Influence

Some studies have shown that direct mail works best for brand recall. Even so, a flyer or newspaper advertisement only lasts as long as it can survive the garbage can. For better or worse, digital lasts forever. Once you’ve built up your digital resource library, your customer will be able to visit your website, blog or social media pages to reconnect with your content, time and time again. Your job is to update old content while continuing to add new and relevant messages!

  1. Developing Your Brand

A great brand is easy to recognize and has a loyal following. Figure out what makes your business unique, develop your voice, and then translate that across all marketing channels, consistently. Many businesses skip the basic, yet incredibly important steps to building their brand. Don’t be like them!

In the end, it all comes down to your customer. Try mixing various traditional and digital marketing to enhance your customer’s experience with your brand and product or service. Keep what works, and get rid of what doesn’t. The best marketers understand there are a lot of strategies out there, and it’s our job to find the ones that work best for your brand and customer.

We’d love to know, what success have you had with mixing traditional and digital marketing and what marketing mix tip you can share? Comment below!