Mobile Marketing Tips

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Chances are that, from where you’re sitting reading this right now, there’s at least one mobile device within arm’s reach, or at least that you can see. If you’re in an office or in public, that number is much, much larger. In an ever-connected society, the world seems to be getting smaller as we’re always able to reach one another. Because of this, it only makes sense to focus on the place where you’re most likely to reach you: their cell phones. Here are some of the best mobile marketing tips while using social media services.

One very effective way to reach your customers is by using mobile-only offers and SMS messaging. Chances are that you’re currently signed up for at least one of these social media services. Not only do offers and reminders go directly to the customer’s device, but your potential customer is also more likely to respond to and take advantage of a mobile offer than a print coupon. Most users view content from their mobile phone, so your social media service package should absolutely be mobile friendly. There are many ways to do this, but some of the easiest ones are to take advantage of mobile campaigns through Facebook or to hire a third-party company to send out text messages to your clients. Be aware, however, that most customers will only opt into programs like these if you offer something in return, like a percentage off their next purchase.

But if you’re a small, local business, how do you make sure that you’re only reaching the people who can reasonably take advantage of your offers instead of reaching someone halfway around the globe? Here is a mobile marketing tips for small business: The solution lies in mobile targeting, which works through either geofencing, geotargeting, or beaconing. Geofencing works by selecting an area that you want to target and limiting your reach to that area. Geotargeting is similarly based on a specific area, but also considers other information to make sure that you’re reaching the most viable targets. This can include information like gender, occupation, or just about any other criteria you can think of. Finally, beaconing uses Bluetooth technology to target mobile users/ customers within a very small range—think feet, not miles. Any of these tactics can be a valuable way to make sure that your message gets to the right audience at the right time, which is invaluable when you need to increase your sales. Consider a mobile marketing campaign for these reasons.