Monetizing Your Twitter Account

Connecting the community, as influencers.

If you’re located in the Tampa area and want to make the most of your business through social media services, having professional help is invaluable. Social media is a powerful tool, and having a company local to Tampa to handle these services is a great idea. Here are some of our tips to take a tool like social media, specifically Twitter, and making it work for you as a monetized channel.

So your Tampa-based company is providing services to the community and wants to reach out and connect with your company through social media services. What’s the first thing you should try and do to maximize the benefit of this technology, to monetizing your Twitter account and what are Twitter’s services? Well, you could try sponsored tweets. Research shows that some users are resistant to this tactic, but more and more users are willing to click on these links if the product or service is relevant to their needs and interests. The best part? You get to decide how much you spend per click on these services, making the decision completely scalable!

Another way for monetizing your Twitter account is using adshare services like MyLikes. MyLikes lets you choose from thousands of advertisers and schedule times when these ads will be tweeted from your account. Because of the volume of ads available, you can make sure the content matches your brand, and get paid by the advertisers that you tweet for, earning as much as $0.42 per click and receiving weekly payouts. Similarly, services like Ad.Ly, Rev Twt, and Twittad also allow you to advertise to your twitter followers and earn a paycheck based on either sending out a specific number of tweets or on a pay-per-click basis.

Because companies are always looking for help advertising their products and services, things like MyLikes exist in other forms. Turning your twitter followers into a revenue stream is as easy as selecting the service that you want to go with, then watching as the money rolls in. On the opposite side of things, your business should consider signing up to advertise in this way. Seeing the opportunity to take advantage of organically grown networks of followers and how that can help grow your business is nothing to be taken lightly. Consider these services in the future, whether trying to monetize your personal Twitter account or promoting your business.

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