What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Choosing the wrong social media marketing agency results in wasted money and a disengaged audience. Before you hand over the social media marketing services for your business, ask yourself these vital questions:

Do they understand my business?

This doesn’t mean they have to have all the answers. No one does! However, an agency that shows knowledge about your business is one you should consider working with. Have they worked with others in your particular industry? Do they “get” who your customer is? All things you should know!

Don’t discount passion, it goes a long way in social media marketing! Never overlook an agency that shows genuine interest in your business as well as an effort to learn more about it.

Do they have proof?

Check their website for case studies. Ask them for information about past and current social media campaigns. Request a copy of a client newsletter. In other words, make sure they know what the heck they’re talking about!

How do they measure success?

There are many measurable metrics in digital marketing. Your agency should have a clear understanding of the metrics most important to you and a defined method to measure them. Even more importantly, they must be able to explain what each metric means for you and your business.

How do they communicate?

Partnership does not work without communication; address this as soon as possible! Find out exactly how often you’ll sit down to discuss the progress of your marketing efforts. A set unit of time works well here (i.e. 3 months). Also, ask how they plan to communicate with you – email, phone, smoke signals? Will you have one main contact or several?

It’s a very good idea to be clear on your own expectations. If you prefer more or less contact than what the agency typically offers, just let them know! The right agency will work to fit your needs.

Is all of their work done in-house?

Whoever you hire is representing you and your business. It’s imperative you know who they are and how they’re being monitored. Be cautious of any agency that outsources their work. If it hasn’t streamlined its process, communication can be very challenging. From personal experience, it is also harder to regulate a contractor than it is an employee.

How many clients does each employee manage?

No matter how wonderful you are at social media marketing, there are limits to how many clients a person can handle at once. It’s a question of quality. At agencies where account managers are overloaded with clients, quality undoubtedly declines. Be wary of any account managers handling more than 10 clients!

Wrapping it up
A professional social media agency will provide genuine answers to all of these questions, along with whatever else you deem to be pertinent. They will also bid for the opportunity to work with your business! Contact us for a more in-depth look at what to expect from your social media marketing agency.