How To Promote New Content With Digital Marketing

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Every smart business knows even the best content requires promotion or it risks being lost in the overcrowded space that is digital marketing. But, how to promote new content with digital marketing? Below, we share a few of the most successful digital marketing techniques and content promotion ideas for your Tampa business.

Create Content Clips: After creating any piece of new quality content, go back through and pull out as many pieces of valuable information as you can. Try modifying your title, taking statistics from your content as well as short statements. Keep each clip short and sweet. Aim for 140 characters or less so each clip fits in a tweet.

Get an Influencer Quote: Social media influencers can be an incredible resource. Although it does take time to develop a relationship, you’ll reap many rewards by doing so. After you’ve established rapport with an influencer, reach out and ask if he or she would be willing to read your content and provide a quote.

Send Direct Messages on LinkedIn: Much like Twitter, only aimed at professionals, LinkedIn is an amazing social network for finding and engaging with people. The one hitch is that you must be connected to someone on LinkedIn before you can send them a direct message. Thus, it’s wise to focus on building your LinkedIn connections before attempting to send direct messages.

Look to your current LinkedIn connections and start connecting with the influencers they know. Someone is much more likely to accept you as a new connection when you have a friend in common. You can also try joining the same LinkedIn groups as your influencer and attempting to engage with them there. Check out four more LinkedIn techniques to grow your business.

Link to your Most Popular Content: The digital marketing for your Tampa business should be ever-changing because business is ever-changing. As such, you should always be monitoring the success of all the content you put out. As you do, you’ll start noticing which pieces are the most successful.

Timing is vital for this particular technique. Only look at what’s been trending highest over the past 3-6 months. If you have several pieces of viral content, try looking at the past month. Then, incorporate a link within your trending content that directs to the new content you wish to promote.

There are many facets of on how to promote new content with digital marketing that can be applied to your Tampa business. Wondering which methods will best grow your business? Contact Venerate Media Group at (888) 486-4130 or schedule an appointment online to discuss your online marketing options.