Seven Marketing Strategies for Small Business

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Developing a novel business strategy has always been one of the main obsessions of most small businesses, but when that happen to become thinking about winning strategies, that is, those which guarantees success. Marketing strategies for small business is the first step to making it more successful.

In the last century we hear to the satiety phrase that the world is changing, but we never could imagine that this spiral of change was going to take more and more and more speed as its rotation advanced, arriving at what It happens at present in which each year the new technologies that appear to make change and break the paradigms and referents that we still have.

These 7 strategies will help you to bring your small business to next Level

  1. Low-cost strategy:

This form of business approach can be found in sectors as diverse as those used by companies such as Ikea, Wal-Mart, or low-cost airlines like Easyjet.

It is not only a question of reducing some costs, but of applying cost reduction in almost all areas of the company, but that if, without deteriorating the customer’s own expectation, nor the essence of the business itself. I refer to two important points:

  • On the one hand we must be resourceful and introduce a good dose of creativity in this process as Ikea has introduced new concepts in furniture stores such as having day care in the center itself, or create attractive and modern establishments.
  • And on the other hand, if a business model works, it is not enough to take advantage of 30% of its approaches, but we must take maximum advantage of them and use them in our favor. I am referring to the fact that in recent years we have seen dozens of low-cost airlines in Europe, but most have failed in a short time and not because this business model does not work, but one of the main reasons is That only adopted some parts of that model, that was making triumphant to its competitors and despised the rest, leaving too many holes by where they lost bellows until dying.
  1. Create a unique experience for the consumer:

Another strategy that has proven to work and is a sure bet if you get carried out, is to focus on getting the customer to live an exceptional, unique, different experience and that will make him willing even to pay more money for a product or Service similar to what you can find in the competition.

The two basic examples would be Harley Davidson, who far from offering the fastest, cheapest, or most modern motorcycle, gives us a lifestyle. Driving a Harley has no comparison. Those who have one, feel in possession of a precious commodity, like who has a Sorolla or a Van Gogh, and if we ask them what is the difference that they prefer this type of motorcycle, they will tell us that it is not the type of motorcycle, since driving a Harley is different.

Another more current example could be Starbucks, which has broken the concept of traditional cafeteria to enter a new way of conceiving this act so every day. We are no longer talking about having a coffee, but about living a different experience while having coffee. And that makes us willing to pay 3 euros so less than 30 meters give us for just 1 €.

  1. Reinvent our business model:

In many occasions Kotler tells us, we strive to improve our product or service, adding characteristics, functionalities, flavors or textures and yet we do not achieve the intended objectives.

There are times when all this does not work and before going down the same path it is advisable to stop and consider what the real business model is and try to reinvent ourselves, not focusing on doing better but doing different.

In this way we can see Barnes & Noble bookstores as an example, while still selling books, gave a twist to the concept and offered other types of satellite services around their business that added value to the essentials, the sale of books, Such as that the authors themselves periodically give lectures on their works, getting the consumer to perceive them in another way and consider them as a reference in the sector for everything they find in this business.

  1. Offer maximum quality in the product:

Penetrating the consumer’s mind and leaving a mark of the brand is the goal of any digital marketing department, although that destination has different paths, and one of them is to associate our brand with the quality image, so that just thinking about it, the client does not need us to give you more information about it. There are customers who want the best and only the best, and if we give it, we will have customers captive and addicted to our brand.

And of this they know a lot in Toyota, because although that is not easy to reach and of course it goes through a long route, because it is not a short term strategy, that if, we know that it is an assured triumph.

  1. Focus on niche markets:

Another way to ensure success is to focus on niche markets. This is not new, of course not; however we see how many companies today have not yet learned that this approach exists and try to sell to the world, getting not to sell to anyone.

If we try to offer a product that pleases and is chosen by all ages, by both sexes, by all social strata, etc., we will be guaranteeing that we will never get anyone to buy it, because it is obvious that they do not have the same tastes. Preferences or needs a young university student, a housewife, a construction worker, or a foreign retiree who comes to live in our country to enjoy the weather and the beach.

The packaging manufacturer Tetra would be a good example, although an additional winning strategy would be not only undertake a niche market, but do so in several simultaneously because in this way we can have more chance of success even though not all our strategies have success.

  1. be innovative:

Innovation, innovation, innovation. In some companies this is a maxim that pursues them in any approach because they have assumed it as one of their competitive advantages, and if we wanted to put a name to this concept, Sony is one of the brands that we could say that has adopted this principle with more Assiduity over time.

If the customer perceives that our brand is in continuous launch of products that are a step forward, associates it, and reinforces it against the competition. And this does not mean that we talk only about technology products, but it is applicable to any sector and to any type of company.

  1. Be the best in design:

This strategy is based on something as simple as that there is a type of people who not only like and prefer, but need, be close and live with appliances and elements that are well designed. It is a reality and we must take advantage of it, because there is a market for products with design.

Two companies that have chosen this differentiating line and that have obtained important triumphs using them, are Apple or Bang & Olufsen. And in both cases we all know what kind of products they offer and what is perceived of them as soon as they are seen.

Taking a company forward is a laborious task that is fraught with difficulties, and if we talk about a small or medium enterprise, this becomes even more complicated, but there are strategies that have been tested and tested for years in different sectors, and that have finally produced results.

It is precisely the small and medium-sized companies that most have to take advantage of these experiences to avoid the test with our pockets, and avoid losing a single euro in trials and try to avoid any possibility of deviation from the course marked to triumph.

And as I say, all this is important, but even more is Dreaming Big, because we cannot settle for less, and these marketing strategies for small business protect us from getting off the road that leads us to those dreams. Check out the venerate digital social media services.