5 Social media Do’s and Don’ts – Do these or Don’t succeed

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Social media can be tricky. We’ve created a list of Social media Do’s and Don’ts when creating your social media strategy.

Do’s of Social Media 

Do: Know your audience

By getting to know your customer, your brand will flourish. One way to do this is to interact and engage with your online customers. It’s important to create and maintain positive relationships with your customers. Customers who have a positive relationship with a brand will remain loyal customers. Show outstanding customer service skills by interacting with customers, liking their comments and answering their questions.

Do: Have one voice across all social media channels

Your company should have a consistent tone in all of its social media sites and online channels, including the website. You should make sure that a consistent message is being conveyed to avoid confusion.

Do: Have a social media strategy

You should always have a plan. By having a social media strategy, you avoid posting mediocre content. Social media strategies are an especially great tool to use when you’re implementing a new campaign or contest. However, don’t just create and schedule content, make sure you take time each day to interact with your customers.

Do: Understand the social media platforms you’re using

Each platform is different. It’s important not to post the exact same content on each platform. Instead, learn how each platform works and use it to your advantage.

Do: Create original content

Content is a key way to promote your brand on social medias. Make sure you are creating relevant and original posts for your audience. This is an excellent opportunity to show off your brand’s personality and stand out among the competition.

Don’ts of Social Media

Don’t: Spam your customers

Don’t drive your customers away by spamming them. Make sure you avoid sending automated direct messages and posting the same content over and over again. This is a great way to annoy your customers, which could hurt your company’s image and sales in the long run.

Don’t: Delete negative comments and block users

Instead of deleting negative comments and blocking unhappy users, use this as an opportunity to sharpen your customer service skills. By acknowledging the unhappy customer and addressing their concerns, you could potentially resolve the issue.

Don’t: Fail to respond

If a customer reaches out to you, it’s important that you respond in a timely manner. Once again, this platforms are great tool for customer service, so use it to your advantage.

Don’t: Neglect your account

Make sure you’re consistently posting content on your all platforms and interacting with customers. Don’t just schedule your content to be posted and then never log into your account ever again. Be active on your accounts.

Don’t: Copy your competition

You may sell similar products, but don’t post similar content on your platforms. The content, images, and videos you post to your accounts should be original. Use this as an opportunity to stand out from your competition, not to copy them.

These were some of the do’s and don’ts in social media. However, for all the marketing services you can contact any time with professional digital marketing company.