Social Media fans should be earned, not bought

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Many social media platforms have changed the game of digital marketing through social media fans. Companies all over the world are using these digital marketing platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach their customers online. As the years have passed, social media platforms have caught on to the marketing professionals’ use of their free services.

Companies have opted to spend less time strategically planning their marketing tactics, and are now paying money to use services with the intent of reaching their targeted audience.

Many digital marketers focus only on the number of likes, follows and clicks their content receives. To increase these numbers, they pay to grow their business, forgetting the art of social media marketing.

Remember, at the heart of a successful business is excellent customer service. The only way to provide customers with service is to reach them on a personal level- even online. You cannot provide this through any paid service.

While you can buy social media fans and likes, you cannot buy brand advocates, fans or positive word-of-mouth. No matter how many likes or social media followers you have bought, you cannot guarantee that you will turn these people into customers who will buy from your brand or advocate for your products.

It is your responsibility, as social media services marketer, to turn these followers into your company’s advocates, customers, and fans. But, how to engage fans on social media?

The only way to do this is through trust and customer service. You must invest time each day to interact and engage with your followers. While this may not be an easy fix (like buying 10,000 followers and likes), it is well worth your effort.

Social media fan engagement and building positive relationships can and will positively impact your business. Rather than buying more social media followers, nurture the relationships you already have. You will see that taking the effort to do so will convert these fans into loyal customers and create more sales. Focus on fostering brand loyalty and not quick fixes.

As a Venerate digital social media marketer, be patient. Invest in your company’s success by taking the time to do things the correct way, not the easy way.