Social Media Marketing Trends That Your Business Needs To Join

//Social Media Marketing Trends That Your Business Needs To Join

Social Media Marketing Trends That Your Business Needs To Join

Social media has taken over. We see this more and more every year as the marketing industry keeps shifting towards social media platforms. Businesses that don’t utilize social media services are often seen as outdated. YOUR business needs a great team to effectively give your business the social media services it needs to stand out from the competition. The game keeps changing and your business needs to stay on top of new trends!

Content Creation
Don’t create content for the sake of just creating. Create content that is relevant to your target audience and designed for the social media platform that you are using. What works on Facebook will probably not work for Snapchat. Each platform has different strengths and weaknesses. Marketing strategies take time and effort, but the social media services provided are worthwhile.

Video & Going Live
Video content is exploding. We are seeing effective viewership engagements through video marketing. Take advantage by creating great content that reflects your brand and your target audience. Whenever you can relate to customers, you have yourself a homerun. Your business should also jump on the live content bandwagon. Use Facebook Live for a product demo using real people to showcase your product. Watch and listen to as your audience gets involved and engaged!

User Content
Does your business make apparel? If so, have your customers show off your brand all over Instagram. Not only will this create new content but it also engages your followers. You will generate buzz around your brand and your viewer base. Instagram is a great tool for promoting your brand through user generated content.

Stories, Stories, Stories
Stories have become big. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all have them. Creating content for stories may be daunting because they disappear, but they are an important tool to utilize. Posting a story can grasp a follower’s attention since it will be promoted for them to see. Try it out.

Engage with your audience. This cannot be stressed enough. Reach out to your viewers/followers. These are all potential or existing customers for your brand. Tweet or reply to them. By doing this, your brand shows that you really care. Engage with the followers to create trust and credibility. You will be building up your brand loyalty and creating new customers.

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