Social Media Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Traditional marketing techniques such as newspaper, radio, and TV have been slowly dying down but have not entirely phased out. Social Marketers are adapting to more advertising, branding, and marketing through social media platforms and their services. Social media and their services have proved to have many advantages over traditional marketing. Here are some ways that social media services are advantageous over traditional marketing.


One of the top advantages social media marketing (SMM) offers is analytics. This tool allows marketers to really see marketing results. Analytics show you how many people engage with your social media posts and who they are. This allows you to see what content your audience prefers so you can repeat that success.


Communication with your audience is crucial when it comes to marketing your brand. Social platforms provide a quick, yet lasting, connection with your audience. Different platforms offer unique ways to reach out to a diverse crowd.


Traditional marketing typically requires your company to cough up a large sum of money before even beginning the process. Radio, print and television advertising is very expensive. When it comes to SMM, you can replicate similar results for a fraction of the cost. Social media can be time-consuming but it allows your company to save money and is more visible than traditional marketing.

SMM has definitely become the go-to way to increase brand presence. There are so many advantages to social media marketing.

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