Social Media Trends For 2017

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Wise marketers appreciate just how much can be learned from our past marketing efforts. For example, social media services have been an important part of digital marketing. As we delve further into which strategies were most successful and those that performed poorly, a pattern of trends begins to take form. With that in mind, here are four social media service trends to take advantage of in 2017.

Social Media Trends

Chat bots

We’re happy to see social media has finally found a use for artificially intelligent chat bots! A chat bot is a computer program which imitates the speech patterns of a real person. It can support or replace customer service personnel who handle inquiries through social media. You’ve likely experienced a chat bot yourself as well-known brands such as Burberry have already started utilizing some of these particular social media services.

Private Social Messaging

Research shows a growing trend towards private communication when it comes to social media. Fewer people are choosing to post publicly, often opting to message someone directly. This is where one on one messaging becomes an essential tool to learn. Pay special attention to how each social media platform handles this trend.

Virtual Reality

It’s truly exciting to see virtual reality make its way onto the social media scene! Though still in the beginning stages, brands such as Go Pro are starting to mix virtual reality into their social postings.

Not only that, but virtual reality has even emerged in the form of vTime, also known as the “VR Sociable Network.” For those with compatible virtual reality gear, vTime offers you a place to virtually connect with others. As VR headsets continue to improve, we’re sure to see more uses of virtual reality via social media.

Limited-Time Content

The concept of content which expires after a specific amount of time is the basis for the enormously popular social media platform known as Snapchat. In that regard, limited-time content is nothing new. However, Instagram Stories has proven that expiring content can be successfully implemented on other social media websites. This type of content is extremely effective at providing sneak peeks behind a brand and the people who run it.

Though it’s an important step, learning about social media trends will only get you so far. You must choose the trend which works best for your business and goals, then find a way to successfully integrate it within your marketing plan. If this task proves too time-consuming for you to take on, it’s time to contact a professional! Call (888) 486-4130 to speak with a member of our team.