Social Media and the World of Fitness – Give your fitness brand a workout

Connecting the community, as influencers.

In the fitness industry, there is no such thing as instant gratification, at least not when it comes to your health or your physical appearance that is. However, there is a place for instant gratification in the form or hilarious meme’s, workout inspiration, and healthy recipes, and that is on social media.

We’ve put together some of our favorite tips for getting your social media up and running for your fitness brand.

Using Videos:

People are drawn to videos; Especially if they are funny or informative. There are several types of videos that are PERFECT for you to use for your brand’s social media channels. These are:

  • Tutorials or How-To’s
  • Workout videos
  • Recipes/Cooking
  • Health and wellness information

Industry Leaders

Get connected with some fitness industry leaders, there are plenty of them out there!

A great way to find people is to see who appears on Twitter when you search keywords or hashtags. If they have a huge following (meaning 20k + followers) odds are they are an industry leader. These are the people you need to be starting conversations with, because when you reach out to them, you are also reaching out to their fan base who keeps tabs on them. This will be a great way for you to gain more contacts and create more exposure for yourself.

Remember… it’s about them, not you!

Odds are being in the business of fitness, you care about people’s well being and truly want people to be healthy. That same drive and passion should be carried over into your social media marketing services as well. Share information that is helpful to your fans. This is not to say “You should only be sharing information that is teaching your audience something,” because that would just get old and boring. You should be sharing motivation with your fans, and fun content that gets them excited about working out, and mixing this in with some informative topics where they can learn something.

The most important thing is to not view your social media as a means for your to promote yourself and only promote yourself. You want to establish trust and loyalty from your social media audience and you will not gain it by frequently posting images of what you’re eating for lunch, or the new workout clothes you just bought.

Have a CTA

As I stated earlier, the world of social media can give you an instant gratification that you are missing in other areas of your life. That’s why we have terms in the social media world like “viral” for when a post spreads like wildfire. When you have the means of sharing content with the masses within seconds, you are achieving your desire to be instantly gratified.

All of this is to say that people can retweet, share, repost, comment, tag, and much more in seconds. Make your content worthy of that for your audience. Be sure your content has a clear goal or “call to action.” Great examples are: Fill in the Blank sentences, Trivia, Open ended questions, Pick a picture, etc. Something that is going to warrant your audience taking action.

Social media and fitness make the perfect pair. That’s why there is so much potential for people who look to social media to promote their fitness brand. Give our tips a try, and maybe (just maybe) you can inspire us to do some pull-ups.