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Engage with your Audience

People around the world have mobile devices with access to social media at their fingertips. Marketers in today’s day and age have an amazing opportunity that wasn’t available to marketers in the past. Social media is a great tool for digital marketing strategies because its, well, social. It allows the customers and audience to reach [...]

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3 Outdated Social Media Tactics You Need to Stop Immediately

Social media has proved to be a highly successful marketing tool. It reaches each business’ target audience of potential and current customers. Over the years, social media content coordinators have found many successful tactics to use. However, social media services are constantly evolving and it is time to lay many of these older tactics to rest [...]

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16 Conversation Starters

Does your social media presence need a kick-start? Are your posts getting no response, or are you at a loss for things to talk about? Check out our list of social media conversation starters that will grab your audience's attention and get them talking! 1)  Use humor. Funny stories, jokes or memes catch attention and [...]

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