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3 Outdated Social Media Tactics You Need to Stop Immediately

Social media has proved to be a highly successful marketing tool. It reaches each business’ target audience of potential and current customers. Over the years, social media content coordinators have found many successful tactics to use. However, social media services are constantly evolving and it is time to lay many of these older tactics to rest [...]

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Improve Your Time Spent on Pinterest Marketing

  Social media marketing can be time consuming and let’s face it time is a precious commodity. Just managing a Pinterest profile alone can take up too much time. This blog will provide you with six helpful ways to better handle your Pinterest marketing efforts, reducing your time spent to merely a few minutes each [...]

How to create a Successful Pinterest Page

Pinterest is the 4th largest “social network” in the world. For fie years, it has been an addicting virtual pin board & organization system for millions of people to save what they want. And even though Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann has gone on record saying that his company should not be considered a social network, [...]

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Clicks are Overrated. These 5 Performance Metrics Trounce Clicks

Since the inception of online marketing, the marketing community has put a lot of stock into clicks. The single tap of a mouse pad or button takes a fraction of a second to do and for a while, marketers have relied on these priceless seconds to analyze performance for sites, emails, and advertising. This brief [...]

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