The Basics Of SEO

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often the most important part of a business’s marketing strategy. After all, if nobody can find you on the web do you really have a shot of succeeding in our tech and internet driven world?

Basics Of SEO

Most people aren’t entirely clear on how SEO works and that’s not entirely surprising. Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times a year and keeping up with these changes takes a dedicated and persistent eye, but there are some basics to SEO that we can go over without getting too technical.

  1. Content/Creative

It goes without saying that the better and more relevant your content is, whether that be blog articles, images, videos, etc., the higher that your website will rank.

  1. User Experience

User experience refers to how incoming traffic interacts with your website content. If they stay on your website longer instead of leaving after a few seconds – the higher you’ll rank. If your website loads quickly and works properly – the higher you’ll rank. The more pages on your site that a user visits – the higher you’ll rank.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are all about making sure that your content is has been marked and tagged properly so that the search engines know what’s on your website.

  1. Popularity

The more popular your site – the higher you’ll rank. This conveys to the search engines that you’re a relevant and authoritative source the people go to.

  1. Authority

This is where content/creative, popularity, and user experience come into play. If your website is viewed as an authority on whichever subject you’re dedicated to and is visited frequently then you’ll rank higher. People and other sites will start linking to your website and that will help your website rank higher.

While this is not an exhaustive description of SEO basics, it’ll help you frame your understanding of what search engines are looking for. There are a ton of angles to take into consideration when approaching your SEO strategy and even the basics that I’ve outlined can be further expanded upon. Ultimately SEO is a marriage of art and science – you’ll need great content and a technically optimized website to succeed.

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