The Definitive Guide On Finding Your Video Length Sweet Spot For Social Media

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Video marketing is the future. It’s the go to point for capturing your audience’s attention on social media. But, simply posting a video doesn’t guarantee that people will watch it. When a video pops up on Facebook, will you watch it immediately? Chances are you will see how long the video is and if it’s worth watching. If it is too long, then you might stop watching it after a few seconds. So, what can you do to ensure that people on social media don’t click away from your video? With all this background noise, the only way to stand out is to cater each video to a specific social media platform. By doing this, you can craft content that will capture people’s dwindling attention spans. Depending upon the social media platform, different videos lengths work more effectively. Our guide will review how to target Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube be finding these platforms’ ideal video length sweet spot. Take a look:

Video Length Sweet Spot

Instagram – 30 Seconds
As of the published date of this post, Instagram allows for a maximum of one minute of video to be posted directly to your profile. So, the video length sweet spot is found to be half that time, just 30 seconds. The first step is to create engaging content and visuals within the first few seconds of the video. Once the audience is hooked, they will likely finish the rest of the video, especially if it’s only 30 seconds. A clear and short video seems to do the trick on Instagram due to the nature of the platform.  Also, don’t forget to have subtitles and voiceover if possible in order to reinforce the content contained within the video! Remember, visuals are key!

Facebook – 60 Seconds
The sweet spot here is just under a minute. Again the use of subtitles is important to make sure that none of the information is missed. A concise video under a minute can reach all the points you wish to make, while keeping the audience engaged. Don’t forget that Facebook videos autoplay on mute, so if your content isn’t subtitled, people might miss out on the information and continue scrolling. Or they could be sneaking in some Facebook time while at work and cannot have the sound playing. Keep this in mind when creating content for Facebook. Also, upload your video directly to Facebook in order to have Facebook’s algorithm promote your content over one that simply links to a YouTube video.

Twitter – 45 Seconds
Twitter is a great space for teasing full-length content that can be linked back to your website or even YouTube page. These short snippets can engage your audience and cause them to seek out the full length video. Another great use of Twitter is that it can be used to post short replies or reactions to messages from your followers. This allows your brand to get interactive with its followers in a cool and unique way. What better way to generate buzz then to have a human directly respond to your comment with a video!

YouTube – 2 Minutes
Youtube is a video sharing platform, so longer videos can survive here. This platform is actually a great way to condense your blog posts and convert it into a video format. It saves your audience from reading your post and gives them the info they need. Again, the content here needs to be engaging and captivating. There are already plenty of YouTubers sitting in front of a camera without using creative techniques to keep the audience engaged. Find what works best for your brand in terms of creating captivating visual storytelling techniques that will give your profile an edge over others.

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