Tips That Will Make Your Business Famous In Social Media

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Social media has the ability to yield more customers and generate awareness of your brand. It can also make your business famous! Below, we deliver tips that will make your business famous in social media and you will find out the importance of social media in business. Read on and find out how is social media used in business today.

#1: Start a hashtag for testimonials.

It feels like we’ve had hashtags forever, yet we’re still finding new ways to use them. One such idea is to create your own hashtag around customer testimonials for your brand. Keep it short and memorable, then share it with every testimonial you post. Ask your customers to post, tweet or snap their own testimonials along with the testimonial hashtag. Consider crafting a contest around the hashtag as a promotional effort.

#2: Share one photo every hour.

This is a tip to implement once or twice a year but doesn’t make sense for every day. That’s also what makes it interesting. Give your online fans a real-life look at what happens on a typical day. You can also utilize this tip for special events. For scenarios with shorter lifespans, simply post more often to achieve the same effect!

#3: Host a social media takeover.

Of all the tips that will make your business famous in social media, this is one of our favorites! Granting one lucky customer (or social media influencer) the right to take over your social media accounts for a day helps your brand and your product or service get in front of a new target audience and potential customers. When implemented correctly, your social media takeover will result in increased engagement  and a better awareness of your brand.

#4: Create a brand character.

A well-conceived character can do wonders to humanize your brand. Think about existing characters that are already available to you such as mascots, logos or office pets. Spend time developing their personality, always remembering that this character will represent you and your brand. Develop a brand voice and use it whenever speaking on behalf of your character.

#5: Design your own meme.

There are plenty of people who still love using memes on social media. The trick is to only use trending memes which are also relevant to your business. Wait for the right opportunity, then grab it, caption it and share it with your social media followers.

With the above tips that will make your business famous in social media, you should feel ready to take on the digital world! If you need further guidance with your social media efforts, call (888) 486-4130or contact us online.