3 More Tools To Utilize Your Social Media For The Holidays

Connecting the community, as influencers.

1. Create and prepare Holiday themed content

The holiday season is always a crazy time. There just seems to be a mountain of work piling up and there is no end in sight. Do yourself a favor and prepare beforehand. Your business cannot afford to miss out because you aren’t taking full advantage of social media services. It’s not too late to create holiday-themed content now! Spend some time now to utilize the opportunities that this winter season holds through the power of the different social media services available. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to raise visibility on your brand. Schedule your holiday social media content in advance to remind your audience about upcoming deals or events that you have planned. Make sure you are employing social media services to best serve those needs. Then, schedule content releases ahead of time so that you can make sure your business is taking full advantage of the holiday season. Here are some social media post ideas for the holidays:

2. Raise awareness/Volunteer

No need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, hop on a successful charity or fundraiser. By joining a well-established organization, you can safely engage in altruistic acts that your customers can join in on. You can then donate proceeds or have customers donate. Your business can also set up clothing drives, food drives, toy drives, and everything in-between. This is also a great time to volunteer your help as well! Getting involved in a charity really highlights the holiday season and the gift of giving.

3. Go Live!

Doing a live stream is now easier than ever. One of the best resources out there is Facebook Live, which is easy to use. So why not use it to show the human face of your business! If you are a small business owner, then you are the voice of the company. Show your customers the people behind the products or services they use. Fostering this human connection is really important for your business and a great way to connect.  Facebook Live is also great because your customers that like or follow your Facebook page will be notified that you are going live. This will grab their attention and give them the ability to interact with your business on a more personal level.

Using Facebook Live is easy because it can be done from your own phone. Gather some employees and showcase your holiday spirit. Connect the stream with the planned holiday-themed content drops. Now is also a great time to show your audience how your business got into the gift giving mood by working with charities. Show off the number of donations or items donated. This will be great for your audience to see!

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