Top 3 Reasons Why PPC Campaigns Are Unsuccessful and How to Make Them Successful

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Pay-per-click (PPC) can be your greatest tool or biggest headache. The trick is to use it effectively. That because unlike other social media services, you really need to understand what you are doing. Many companies don’t properly invest in the true power of PPC and social media services. Instead they make simple blunders that waste time and money. Let’s take a look why PPC campaigns are unsuccessful and how you can avoid them in order to make PPC an effective weapon in your arsenal of social media services.PPC Campaigns Are Unsuccessful

  1. Too Many Keywords

For the most part, only a small percentage of your keywords will produce sales. The vast majority of it will just be eating up your budget. The reason for this differs. But, one prevailing theory is that most companies know which keywords to use. However, in an effort to gain more business, they throw a wider net to try and catch some potential consumers on the fringes.

How do you fix that? Start off by eliminating keywords that aren’t performing and aren’t delivering you conversion. Then refocus on using those keywords that do work. You will notice a drop in traffic, but those weren’t leading you anywhere. Your conversion rates will be higher, which is what you want.

  1. Weak Ad Copy

You want your ad to get noticed. But all too often we see cookie-cutter approaches to ad copy. Everyone tries to mimic their competition that they end up causing a bland playing field. Even if your ad is there for consumers to see, you need it to draw them in.

To fix this you need copy that stands above the rest. The way to do this is to find a problem that people have and let them know you have the solution. If you know their problem and understand it, then consumers will think you know the solution – which you should!

  1. Fixating on Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)

The general trend is to look at CPL on whether or not PPC campaigns are unsuccessful. The problem here is that CPL won’t tell you how successful your PPC campaign is. You can have a great CPL but not be profitable. And if your campaign is not profitable, then why run it.

So, instead focus on profitability. As mentioned previously, find the keywords that give you the biggest bang for your buck. By finding which keywords give you the most revenue, you can get a better idea of how successful a campaign is. This will require some extra legwork in order to accurately track your results. You might be surprised to discover that your successful campaigns are costing you a lot and that the leads aren’t turning into sales.

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